7 Of The Best Bars In Sofia

7 Of The Best Bars In Sofia

The vibrant city of Sofia in Bulgaria has an amazing nightlife scene, with parties that last until sunrise and creative cocktail bars.

The Balkan city has hipster, artsy bars as well as classic watering holes where you can spend an afternoon sipping a local beer. Want to know all about the best bars in Sofia? These are the seven best spots to visit…

1. One More Bar

This is a hugely popular spot with locals, located in an old house on one of the most romantic and artistic streets of Sofia. They serve fantastic cocktails – using organic and vegan ingredients – and have a cute garden for summer months.

One More Bar In Sofia

2. A:part:mental

What was once two separate flats is now a hotspot hang out for Sofia’s cool crowd. A quirky, creative space that really does feel like someone’s apartment, you can drink Trappist beers and homemade raspberry wine.

The bar also hosts regular literary readings, acoustic concerts, theatrical performances, art exhibitions and film screenings.

A:part:mental Bars In Sofia

3. By The Way

By The Way opened in 2001 in the heart of Sofia and is a favourite for either coffee and croissants in the morning or cocktails in the evening. They serve some slick signature cocktails and stylish, split-level seating.

By The Way Bar

4. Trovatore

This cute, intimate Italian wine bar is the place to go when you just want a good chat with friends and a lush glass (or bottle!) of quality vino. Wines are served with little nibbles of cheese and salami so you don’t go hungry, and staff are great at recommending new wines.

Trovatore Bars In Sofia

5. The Happy Pig

The Happy Pig is a funky, bright space that does both food and cocktails of incredible quality. A glass ceiling makes you feel like you’re in a greenhouse and both food and drinks menus change seasonally. Cocktails are served in the prettiest glasses – you’ll soon see why this place is so beloved.

The Happy Pig Bars In Sofia

6. Sputnik Bar

Why not have a boozy drink in this retro space-inspired bar? The cocktail menu is based around four symbols inspired by special places in Bulgaria. Unique ingredients used include cuttlefish ink and the local liqueur, Rakia.

Sputnik Bar

7. Motto

An eclectic bar with a superb leafy garden and creative menus turns into a buzzing dance club after 9pm as the DJ takes over. Grab an Aperol Spritz, chat to the knowledgable bartenders and chill here for the weekend.Best bars Sofia


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