Cocktails Around The World: What To Order & Where

Whether you’re a drink aficionado or simply traveling in the right part of the world, there are some drinks that are a must-try. These are the best drinks in the world to travel for – the signature cocktails and concoctions that you simply have to try at the source. 

From Negronis in Rome to a Canadian-style Bloody Mary, belly up to the bar for these classic cocktails.

The World’s Best Drinks and Where to Find Them

1. Old Fashioned at Stock Kitchen and Bar – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Made with whiskey, there are few better places to drink an Old Fashioned than in Northern Ireland, home of Bushmills. For an excellent drink in Belfast, the capital, visit Stock Kitchen and Bar, which is located inside the historic St. George’s Market. Ask for it with 16-year-old single malt Bushmills whiskey.

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2. Mint Julep at Haberdish – Charlotte, USA

While Mint Juleps are most often associated with Churchills Downs for the Kentucky Derby, Charlotte just might rival it for their consumption of these cocktails. Haberdish is a local institution, makes incredible Mint Juleps and possibly even better biscuits to follow.

3. Negroni at Hotel de Russie – Rome, Italy

This Italian classic might be best served in the luxurious, quiet terrace of Rome’s Hotel de Russie Hotel. The hideaway feels like a secret, and it’s the perfect place to sip on a sultry summer night. Of course, you could always order an Apérol Spritz, but stick to Campari here.

4. Margarita at La Miserable – La Paz, Mexico

La Miserable is an atmospheric mezcaleria in La Paz, Mexico just north of Los Cabos. Their extensive collection ensures a wide variety of mezcals to choose from. Ordering up a margarita here will ensure its a bit smokier than a traditional tequila margarita.

5. Gin and Tonic at Holborn Gin Bar – London, England

The Gin and Tonic may have been born out of necessity in England to get the public to take their medicine–quinine in tonic water, but it’s still a staple today. Visit the Gin Bar at the Holborn. It’s a beautiful and classic establishment with a massive array of gins to choose from as well as spins on the classic drink.

6. Caesar at The Beltliner – Calgary, Canada

For a different spin on a Bloody Mary, travel to Canada for their equivalent, a Caesar. Visit The Beltliner for their coma-inducing drink that’s stong, but stacked high with bacon, chicken and waffles, lamb sausage, perogies, avocado, pickles, pepperoni and celery to boot.

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7. Tamagozake – Anywhere in Japan!

This Japanese cold remedy drink is something similar to eggnog and a hot toddy combined. It’s made with sake, naturally, and can be ordered most places during the winter. Drinking for your health is always a great excuse to try the local spin.

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Molly Harris

Molly Harris is a freelance travel journalist dividing her time between the United States and the Western Balkans.

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