The 7 Best Places for Berlin Cake

The 7 Best Places for Cake In Berlin

In the German capital of Berlin, Kaffee und Kuchen in the middle of the day is a near-religious experience. Berlin cake is the real deal.

Because of this, the city’s awash with cute little cafés, all well-stocked with homemade sugar-bomb cakes. If you want to do Germany “right,” don’t waste your sweet tooth on anything but the very best places for cake in Berlin. 

Best places for cake in BerlinHow do these rankings work?

1. Café Kraft

Prenzlauer Berg’s teensy sun-drenched café features some of the best carrot cake in the city — the perfect consistency, moist, with a dream of cream cheese icing. But their other cakes are divine, as well — and the interior is minimalistic and bike-themed, totally worthy of the ‘gram.

Carrot Cake

2. Wahrhaft Nahrhaft

Friedrichshain’s kitschy café, located alongside the hopping Revaler Str., is stocked with countless cake options, many of which are vegan. Our tip: try the lime-flavored vegan cheesecake, with a zucchini base.

Friedrichshain’s kitschy café in Berlin

3. Katie’s Blue Cat

Near the canal in Neukölln, find Katie’s Blue Cat in a bright blue building. The glowing wooden interiors, flowers on every table, craft a perfect backdrop for cake-munching.

Our tip? The peanut butter cake! It’s a rare thing to find peanut butter flavours in Berlin. Therefore, it’s a welcome surprise that this English café does it well.

Berlin cake

4. Princess Cheesecake

The adorable Princess Cheesecake offers an eclectic array of cheesecakes — including vegan delights and experimental flavourings, like beetroot. 

Super healthy (ish!) and totally delicious.

Princess Cheesecake

5. Barcomi’s Kaffeerösterei

The Bergmannkiez is stocked-full with adorable cafés, but Barcomi’s offers the best of the best in the hood, and certainly is one of the best places for cake in Berlin. Our hint? Try out the apple walnut and toffee cake. It’s an absolute dream.

Barcomi’s Kaffeerösterei Cake

6. Café & Patisserie Lézard Berlin

Café Lézard prides itself on immaculate cake decorating — with a cake offered for every season of life, every party theme, and absolutely any sweet tooth.

Café & Patisserie Lézard Berlin Cake

7. Les Pâtisseries de Sébastien

Sébastien has the answer for prime cake in northern Berlin, made in the French fashion. Above all, the family-owned bakery is delightfully friendly, a welcome bit of brightness in an ordinarily dark and grey city.

Les Pâtisseries de Sébastien

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