The Parlour Bar in Frankfurt

7 Of The Best Bars In Frankfurt

As one of Germany’s biggest and most wealthiest cities, you can be sure that there are some high quality cocktails and great bars in Frankfurt. In this metropolitan city, you will have your pick of fancy and classy bars or cheaper more affordable bars to go to. There really is a bar for everyone in Frankfurt.

Check out the seven best bars in Frankfurt.

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1. Kinly Bar

Kinly Bar is a mysterious speakeasy bar in Frankfurt that is tricky to get in to but fabulously amazing once you’re in. You’ll have to enter a bit of a shady door that only opens once you’ve rang this doorbell/button. Head on downstairs to behold the majestic Prohibition-era style bar.

Try the Kinly House Punch which is delectably delicious!

Kinly Bar

2. Logenhaus

For all of the best gin cocktails in Frankfurt, hop on in to Logenhaus. With over 80 different gin cocktails, you’ll definitely find a gin cocktail here to your liking in this stylish yet vintage bar.

Got a gin cocktail on your mind? Satisfy that craving here at Logenhaus.

Logenhaus Frankfurt

3. Hunky Dory Bar

With a bar name that pays tribute to David Bowie, at Hunky Dory Bar, you’ll find plenty of great cocktail hits that you can order at the press of a few buttons. Each booth here has its own vintage rotary telephone which you can use to dial up the bartender and order your cocktail of choice.

Call up the bartender for a round of shots or a round of Gin & Tonics. Whatever it is, do it from the comfort of your seat!

Hunky Dory Bar

4. Luna Bar

Luna Bar is a classy bar that is in the heart of Frankfurt. At this locals’ favourite bar, they serve high quality cocktails from their menu that has an extensive list of cocktails.

With tons of variety on their menu, try one of their amazing Whiskey Sours!

Luna Bar

5. Jimmy’s Bar

Jimmy’s Bar has a distinct American-bar feel to it and is inside the Hessicher Hof Hotel in Frankfurt. It has this elegant vibe to it that screams of a classy American gentlemen’s club. With an audience that skews towards older, come by here for a quick cocktail and take in the vibe.

You have to get something classy here so go with an Old Fashioned or Whiskey on the rocks.

Jimmy's Bar

6. 22nd Lounge and Bar

Perhaps the best rooftop bar in Frankfurt is the 22nd Lounge and Bar. Fittingly on the 22nd floor of a skyscraper, this bar offers jaw-dropping panoramic views of the Frankfurt skyline with great cocktails to boot.

A bit on the pricey side so (slowly) savour that cocktail and take in those epic views.

22nd Lounge and Bar

7. The Parlour

The Parlour is another one of those mysteriously intricate bars to get in to with its semi-hidden location that, once you find it, you’ll be glad you did. They make their own syrups which they then use in their cocktails to make some splendidly sweet and tasty cocktails.

Try their top order Berry Moscow Mule. It will top any Moscow Mule you’ve ever had before!

The Parlour Frankfurt

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