7 Of The Best Bars In Havana

Cuba is one of the world’s top rum-producing countries, so you can bet that the best bars in Havana offer up some deliciously sinful rum cocktails, amongst other things.

While the party culture of Havana has long been known to locals, tourists are just beginning to get the chance to explore the soulful side of Cuban’s capital city.

Expect lots of salsa music, strong drinks, and good times at any of these seven best bars in Havana.

Best bars in HavanaHow do these rankings work?

1. El Floridita

Hemingway forged a strong connection with Cuba when he moved there to write and well, drink. His favourite bar in all of Havana? El Floridita.

The American writer loved his alcohol and famously wrote that El Floridita has the best daiquiris in the world. 

This means that if you’re headed to Havana, you can’t miss the chance to experience the unique style of this classic bar while trying out the taste of their famous daiquiris.

Hemingway's Favourite Bar in Havana is El Floridita

2. El Chanchullero

Unlike the world-famous Floridita, Hemingway never visited El Chancullero, which the owners love to let everybody know.

However, the bar itself is just as popular and top-notch when it comes to the quality of their drinks. In fact, El Chanchullero is probably one of the best bars in Havana for younger travellers who don’t drink daiquiris.

Best Bars in Havana Cuba for Millennial Travellers

3. Fabrica de Arte Cubano

The Cuban government puts a lot of time and money into enhancing the country’s art culture. The Fabrica de Arte Cubano is one prime example of this, which makes it a must-see regardless of whether you’re going to drink or not.

It’s located inside of an old oil factory, which makes it a great open space to host the multi-level bar, art gallery, concert hall, and performance theatre. There’s also a lot of outdoor space where you can grab a drink and chat with locals.

Art Studio Gallery Space and Bar in Havana

4. La Guardia Rooftop Bar

If you’re looking for stunning views in a bit of a bougie environment, then make your way up to La Guardia Rooftop Bar.

It’s one of the best rooftop bars in Havana, serving up strong drinks and stunning views. If you head here at sunset you’ll be able to take great pictures of the Havana skyline while enjoying expertly-crafted cocktails.

The men behind this bar are award-winning mixologists and all of the drinks on their menu reflect that.

The Best Rooftop Bars in Havana
Image: www.therooftopguide.com

5. O’Reilly 304

Known as one of the best paladars in Havana, O’Reilly 304 serves great food and cocktails. 

What’s so great about this bar is that the bartenders are pretty skilled and know how to prepare a variety of different drinks. Ask them to make you whatever you want and they’ll happily oblige.

6. Madrigal Bar Cafe

Madrigal Bar Cafe is one of the trendiest bars in Havana, which makes sense as it’s owned by a famous Cuban movie director. 

The building itself is as vibrant as the interior, and the pink-coloured and white-columned Colonial is pretty easy to find if you’re exploring the city by foot. Make sure to stop here for a Cuba Libre, as they serve some of the best in town.

Hipster Bar in Havana Owned by Cuban Film Director

7. Espacios

Not all of the bars in Havana are as antique and authentic as you’d think. Espacios is a great example of this, as it’s one of the chicest and most contemporary bars in the city.

If you decide to grab a drink here, make sure you snag a spot at one of the outdoor tables. The terrace is perfectly lush, with green trees filling the space to make it feel cosier than a traditional patio bar.

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