The 7 Best Instagrammable Spots In Havana

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Havana

Cuba’s capital is almost 500 years old and a riot of colour. Brightly painted buildings and vintage cars make Havana a photogenic dream.

Here’s the 7 Instagrammable spots in Havana you need to put on your list…

1. Callejon de Hamel

This funky alley with its colourful murals, sculptures (you’ve gotta see the bathtub bench) is a shrine to Afro-Cuban religions.

Head over on a Sunday for congo dancing and Afro-Cuban dances and chants. What to photograph? Pretty much everything.


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2. La Guarida

The most iconic restaurant in Havana, La Guarida is a swanky former mansion that’s popular with celebrities.

A grand marble staircase leads you up to the first floor where you can dine in candlelight on the balcony. Just be aware: if you don’t have a reservation, you probs won’t make it inside to get the Insta.


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3. Old Havana

Spend an entire afternoon wandering these colourful streets. Our top picks for photos? San Miguel street is packed with old Cuban houses and San Ignacio street is full of murals.

You’ll find endless inspiration here.


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4. El Floridita

An institution in Havana for the fact that it was a regular haunt of Ernest Hemingway.

Get your snaps at midday and wait for a classic car to drive past. Come back at dark to see the exterior all lit up and make your way inside for the Papa Hemingway Special (a grapefruit-flavoured daiquiri).


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5. Bacardi Building

An Art-Deco masterpiece that was once the headquarters of Bacardi Rum. Although it’s now used as general office space and is no longer owner by Bacardi, you can still visit the rooftop for amazing views.

A little mezzanine bar where you can grab a coffee was once the watering-hole of the Barcardi family themselves.


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6. El Bosque de La Habana

Often called the lungs of Havana, this green paradise is a local secret. 300-year-old trees are draped in vines, giving the forest a mystical feeling.

It’s effortlessly pretty and there’s barbecue facilities if you want to join the Cuban party.


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7. Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC)

The hippest place in Havana, this art gallery and club always has an eye catching event going on.

Exhibitions, theatre and gigs are on regularly and a cool new restaurant made from shipping containers is an added Insta bonus.


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