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7 Of The Best Bars In Kansas City

Kansas City is a delightful midwestern American city that knows how to do bars well. As you’ll see, there really is a bit of quirk, charm, and character to the bars in Kansas City.

Here are the seven best bars to check out in Kansas City.

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1. Julep

If you’re a fan of whiskey and your liquors neat, Julep is the place to go. This cocktail bar offers premium liquors and the bartenders here strive for creative variations of traditional cocktails.

A classic at heart, fit in with the crowd and get an Old Fashioned here at Julep.

Julep Kansas City

2. Up-Down

Perhaps the most fun place you can have drinks in is Up-Down. Unleash the inner kid in you and come to this bar and play one of over 50 classic video arcade games. What a better place to spend a Friday night than with craft beers and video games?

If you’re looking for some serious fun with your adult beverage of choice, definitely come to Up-Down.

Up-Down Kansas City

3. Swordfish Tom’s

Swordfish Tom’s is one of the most interesting bars in Kansas City. To get here, you need to go through an alley, down a stairwell and into a waiting area where you’ll have to wait for the lamp to turn green before you can knock on the door to come in.

The cocktails here are tasty and creative. Try the KC Royal Tea cocktail for a small taste of Kansas City.

Swordfish Tom's Kansas City

4. Manifesto

Another bar that has some secrecy to its entrance is Manifesto. It’s also in an alley where you’ll have to find an unmarked door where you’ll need to press the button to get in.

Once inside Manifesto, you’ll be hit with a Prohibition-era like speakeasy bar that offers fantastic seasonal cocktails.

Manifesto Kansas City

5. Green Lady Lounge

The Green Lady Lounge is actually a jazz club and bar. Come here for the best live jazz music in Kansas City in a quiet and setting where you can enjoy some great music and better cocktails.

Order up a bourbon Manhattan and sit back, relax, and let the sounds of Kansas City jazz take you away.

Green Lady Lounge

6. The Monarch Bar

Monarch Bar is a classy and modern bar that has just an incredibly easy going vibe. The atmosphere here is vibrant and fun probably because the cocktails are a fabulous.

Try their creative twist on a Negroni with their Dufftown Monarchy. Simple amazing!

The Monarch Bar

7. Tom’s Town Distilling Co.

Tom’s Town Distilling Co. is a Prohibition-era style bar with its vintage decor and distilled liquors. Interestingly enough, their vodka, bourbon, and gin are all made in-house and are featured heavily in their cocktails.

Get a taste of the liquors they make with the Distiller Flight.

Tom's Town Distilling Co. Kansas City

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