The 7 Best Bars In Las Vegas

7 Of The Best Bars In Las Vegas

The grandeur in the city of sin, Las Vegas, is undeniable with the bright lights and jaw-dropping hotels. In this city that caters to millions of tourists yearly, there are endless amounts of bars in Las Vegas that serve up some great cocktails with excellent vibes as well.

Here are the very best bars in Las Vegas.

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1. Rosina

When you step into Rosina’s, you can’t help but instantly think of the Great Gatsby. This Prohibition-style speakeasy at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, transports you back into time as you enjoy one of their deliciously-made cocktails.

Be one with the bar and have an Old Fashioned here at Rosina’s.

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2. The Dorsey

The Dorsey is a sleek cocktail bar/lounge at the Venetian Hotel that serves up some of the best drinks in America. Seriously. It’s only been around since 2016 but the New York Times has already labelled their Penicillin cocktail as one of the 11 essential drinks of the “Modern Cocktail Revival.”

With such high praise for a cocktail, you must get that while you’re here at The Dorsey.

The Dorsey in Las Vegas

3. The Chandelier

The Chandelier is known for their giant two-million crystal chandelier that hovers from the middle of the bar. This lounge is spread out over three floors and the bartenders here are known to creatively infuse foams, garnishes, and purees into the cocktails.

Ask the bartenders here for a cocktail recommendation and marvel at the largest chandelier you’ll ever see.

The Chandelier in Las Vegas

4. The Golden Tiki

Located in a very unassuming strip mall in Chinatown and away from all the bright lights is the Golden Tiki. At this fun and lively bar, drinks are over the top with lots of sugar, lights, and straw-hut fun at this tiki joint.

One might call this place a bit weird whereas others call it fun. We call it a great place to have a few affordable beverages in Las Vegas.

The Golden Tiki in Las Vegas

5. Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit is a funky and artsy bar that is run by two sisters who manage a rotating selection of cocktails that change seasonally. This bar is away from the Strip and in downtown Las Vegas where this place really fits in well with the local arts scene.

If you’re feeling a bit classy, try one of their seasonal cocktails here. If you just want to hang out, they have a good selection of beers on tap too.

Velveteen Rabbit Bar

6. Downtown Cocktail Room

Downtown Cocktail Room is exactly just that: a cocktail room in downtown Las Vegas. This upscale and hip speakeasy is not the easiest place to find as you might miss the front door (look for the not-so-subtle sign).

Chat it up with the bartender and ask them for a recommendation of their favourite cocktail to make.

Downtown Cocktail Room Bars

7. Herbs & Rye

For the best cocktails in Vegas, you must just have it at Herbs & Rye. They really focus on the classic cocktails at this vintage speakeasy; bartenders here take the time to educate you on the history of cocktails.

For one of the cooler speakeasy experiences along with fantastic cocktails that are paired with truth bombs, hit up Herbs & Rye.

Herbs & Rye Bars

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