7 of the Best Bars in Malaga

7 Of The Best Bars In Malaga

Malaga’s position along the stunning coastline of Spain’s Costa del Sol means that some of the best bars in Malaga provide travellers with top-notch views and strong, Spanish drinks.

No matter where you choose to get a drink in Malaga, you’ll be mere steps away from the sunny, golden beaches that make this travel destination so desirable.

From traditional Spanish taverns to some of the trendiest spots in all of the South of Spain, enjoy this list of seven of the best bars in Malaga. Olé!

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1. Terraza de Larios

Malaga is famous for its high-rise hotels and beachside resorts. With views that rival those in places like Rio de Janeiro and even Spain’s very own Barcelona, it would be a crime to visit Malaga and not go to a rooftop bar.

And, one of the best bars in Malaga for rooftop views happens to be the terrace at the top of Hotel Room Mate Larios.

Snag a seat on one of their comfy sofas, order your favourite drink, and enjoy tapas as you gaze out onto some of the best views in the city.

7 of the Best Bars in Malaga

2. Bodega Bar El Pimpi

If you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in Andalusian culture, then head off near the Roman theatre and spend the evening at Bodega Bar El Pimpi. 

This historic bar is filled with wooden barrels signed by some of its most famous visitors, such as Antonio Bandera. Expect tasty tapas, lots of locals, and passion-filled flamenco nights at least once a week.

Traditional Bodega Tavern in Malaga

3. Cobalto 15

Travellers describe Cobalto 15 as an exotic terrace, and that’s a pretty accurate description.

Not only does this bar offer some nice views of Malaga, but they also serve some of the most unique drinks in the city.

Order The Route of Pablo Ruiz Picasso. It’s creamy, strong, and tasty and comes with an edible easel on the side. Or, try Snacks. It’s a whisky-based drink that comes with popcorn on top!

Best Rooftop Terrace Bars in Malaga

4. Antigua Casa de Guardia

History buffs and wine lovers absolutely can’t miss visiting the Antigua Casa de Guardia, as it’s been considered one of the best bars in Malaga by locals since it opened in 1840.

This down-to-earth Spanish tavern features an interesting and unique interior. Upon entering you’ll see long rows of wooden barrels that hold lots of local wine.

Head here if you’re looking to sample a lot of different wines for cheap. They come with tapas, per tradition, and they’re equally as tasty and filling as the wine.

Serving Spanish Wine in Wooden Barrels
Photo Courtesy of Spain Food Sherpas

5. Puerta Oscura

If you didn’t head to Malaga to party and are looking to enjoy a laid-back evening of classical music and elegance, try Puerta Oscura. 

It’s got a 19th-century style interior and tons of cosy little alcoves. Lovers and friends alike can enjoy a peaceful evening in the city here.

6. El Gallo Ronco

Malaga is one of the best places to catch authentic flamenco shows in all of Spain. 

If you’re there to experience the passionate strum of a gipsy guitar, then make sure you spend at least one evening at El Gallo Ronco.

The bar itself is uniquely decorated with pots and pans that hang from a low ceiling. The setting is intimate and the drinks are quality. All you have to do is settle in and enjoy the music.

Best Flamenco Bar in Malaga

7. Sala Premier

Sala Premier is perhaps one of the most Instagrammable bars in Malaga. 

From the Hobbit-like door that welcomes you into the bar to the large tree in the centre, there’s a lot to see at this bar.

You’ll see lots of old movie posters, Game of Thrones references, and even an old Wild West-themed area. Go with a few friends and enjoy a drink in each themed room.

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