7 of the Best Bars in Prague

7 Of The Best Bars In Prague

With so much history to see in this city, no one would blame you if you wanted to swing by a bar to relax in the evening. Prague is the home of Pilsner beer but they also have other cocktails bars in Prague.

Here are the seven best bars to grab a Pilsner or a cocktail of your choice in Prague.

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1. Hemingway Bar

Hemingway Bar is a throwback to the times when men commonly wore suspenders and the decor wasn’t so hip and modern. At this classy but wildly popular bar in Old Town Prague, a reservation is necessary to be able to enjoy a drink here.

With over 200 varieties of rum, be adventurous and try a rum from the tiny island of Madagascar at this exclusive bar.

Hemingway Bar in prague

2. Anonymous Bar

Come to Anonymous Bar and have your drink made by an anonymous bartender. Literally. The bartenders here wear Guy Fawkes masks at this dark, mysterious, yet exciting bar.

They can see perfectly well through their masks as their cocktails are among the best in Prague. Get the Scotch Smoke or Spicy Slingshot while you’re here.

mysterious Bars

3. Strahov Monastery Brewery

Located inside a monastery perched high above Prague castle, come enjoy the view with a beer in hand at Strahov Monastery Brewery. This monastery-turned-brewery makes some of the best dark lagers in the country and also has a selection of rotating seasonal beers.

Since they’re known for their dark lagers, ask the brewmaster for their tips on their favourite dark lager.

Strahov Monastery Brewery bar

4. Black Angel’s Bar

Black Angel’s Bar, located just outside Old Town Square, takes you back in time to the Great Gatsby era. The decor is fantastically retro yet chic, with its bright chandeliers and rustic brick walls.

The cocktails here are excellent as evidenced by their listing on the World’s Best Bars in Europe. When you step into this classy bar, you must get a classy drink like an Old Fashioned.

Black Angel's Bar in prague

5. Tretter’s Cocktail Bar

Tretter’s is one of the oldest bars in Prague and has a very 1930’s Prohibition-era feel to it. It is located in the heart of Old Town and offers some of the best cocktails at very fair prices.

This is a great place to come to if you want a break from the traditional Pilsner. Get the Strawberry Mule cocktail here.

Tretter's Cocktail Bar

6. BeerGeek Bar

If you are beer aficionado, it’s essential you come to BeerGeek Bar! With a rotating selection of over 30 local beers on tap, you will definitely find a beer to your liking at this friendly bar.

BeerGeek Bar is also a great place to come to if you want something other than a Pilsner. With so many beers to choose from, it might make your decision easier if you got the beer flight.

BeerGeek Bars

7. Bokovka

Bokovka is one of the best wine bars you can find in Prague. It has a very inviting and rustic feel inside the bar and Bokovka employs some of the most knowledgeable sommeliers in Prague. Win-win.

Get a bottle of a Prague white wine and pair it with a platter of Czech cheeses and sausages.

Bokovka bar

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