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7 Of The Best Bars In Shanghai

In this expansive Chinese city, there are a wealth of fantastic bars in Shanghai that will suit your boozy cravings. From classy speakeasies to beer joints, to some funky theme bars, Shanghai has a bit of everything for everyone.

Check out the very best bars in Shanghai.

The best bars in ShanghaiHow do these rankings work?

1. Speak Low, Shanghai

Speak Low consistently makes the world 50 best bars list and it’s easy to see why. This speakeasy spans over three floors and has been making perfect cocktails in Shanghai since 2014.

Of all the bars you need to check out in Shanghai, make sure Speak Low is number one on your list.

Speak Low Bar Shanghai

2. The Union Trading Company

The Union Trading Company is a cocktail bar that takes creativity to the next level. Here, they try and play with classic cocktail concoctions and elevate them even further by incorporating unique ingredients.

If you enjoy a surprise or a twist to your classic cocktail, swing on by here and give it a shot.

The Union Trading Company Shanghai

3. Sober Company

Sober Company is also widely recognised for their inclusion on the world’s 50 best bars list as well. This bar is chic, contemporary and classy and it’s easy to feel like you’ve been transported back into the 1950’s here.

Scotch fans should try their Godfather III cocktail – a masterpiece cocktail!

Sober Company

4. Vue Bar

Vue Bar is in the Hyatt Hotel on the Bund in Shanghai so you know you’re going to get some fancy, upscale cocktails in a great downtown location. This is also one of a few bars in the world to have a jacuzzi in the middle of their outdoor seating area.

Care to sip on a cocktail while taking a dip in the jacuzzi here?

Vue Bar


RIINK just might be the most unique bar in Shanghai. It actually is a roller-skating venue that just happens to serve up some drinks as well. This theme bar has a very distinct 1980’s feel with their neon lights and retro roller-skating feel.

Sip on some cocktails here and go for a spin on your roller skates!

RIINK Shanghai


EPIC is a multilevel cocktail bar where you’ll see the giant neon sign that reads: Do Epic Shit. Depending on how you’re feeling that night, just know you’ll get some pretty epic cocktails at EPIC that’ll leave you wanting more. Which is how you might end up doing some epic sh…stuff later on in the evening?

Grab your cocktail at EPIC and head upstairs to find a stool to settle down in.

EPIC Bar Shanghai

7. The Beer Lady

Perhaps the most charming of all watering holes in Shanghai is at The Beer Lady. Here, an older Chinese lady, Mrs. Zhang, literally runs this bar and stocks and serves over 3,000 brands of beers here. Whatever kind of beer you’re looking for, chances are, it’ll probably be in one of those 3,000+ beers on hand here.

If you could imagine what a beer heaven looks like, it would probably look like the countless refrigerators full of beers that surround this bar.

The Beer Lady Shanghai

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