Best Bloody Marys in Nashville, Tennessee

7 Of The Best Bloody Mary Bars In Nashville

Brunch is a way of life in the South, and no brunch is complete without a cocktail. After long nights out on Broadway, there’s nothing like a little hair of the dog in a Bloody  Mary.

Try these best bloody mary bars in Nashville for delicious hangover cures.

Best Bloody Mary Bars In Nashville, TennesseeHow do these rankings work?

1. Party Fowl

If what you’re after is something extravagant, then there’s really no better Bloody Mary bar in Nashville for you than Party Fowl. Home to perhaps the most over-the-top Bloody Mary in the entire city, Party Fowl’s tasty cocktail comes with two pieces of fried chicken on sticks, avocado, fried okra, and the ever-classic celery and olives. Bring a friend or two to finish it.

2. Biscuit Love

As mouth-watering as Biscuit Love’s doughy creations are, their Bloody Mary is equally mouth-tingling. The spice mixture is just hot enough, and the pickled vegetables balance it out perfectly. The drink uses Tennessee-made vodka, so buy local and order this drink.

Best bloody mary bars in Nashville

3. Tavern

This trendy midtown restaurant knows how to hold a Sunday brunch. With three variations on Bloody Marys, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you prefer traditional, a bloody made with mezcal or one made with cucumber-infused vodka, there’s one for you. Topped with bacon and rimmed in the house spice mix, this Bloody Mary is a win.

Best Nashville bloody mary

4. Whiskey Kitchen

Another casual-chic eatery, Whiskey Kitchen is a bustling spot in the Gulch. The food has a Southern flair, and the drinks are strong. Order the Bloody with a side of fried pickles. The popular stop at the Bloody Mary Festival won’t disappoint at their brick-and-mortar either.

5. Saint Añjeo

This Mexican restaurant serves up four different Bloody Marys–if you include the great Michelada on the menu. The restaurant has an impressive tequila and mezcal selection, so it’s possible to upgrade your drink if you like.

6. Marché Artisan Foods

This light and airy eatery serves up southern classics and breakfast favourites, which includes a killer Bloody Mary, of course. The European-style restaurant specialises in artisan or handmade, fresh breads, pastries and more to accompany their plates. Order a craft coffee to go along with your bloody while you wait to score a table.

7. Another Broken Egg Cafe

This no-frills eatery serves up southern classics and breakfast favourites, which includes a killer Bloody Mary, of course. The menu is expansive with tons of brunch and egg-based options, and the cocktails pack a punch. There are four variations to choose from, including a lemon-fennel take, but order the Tomatillo Bloody for something different.

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