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7 Of The Best Museums to Visit in Washington D.C.

Try these best museums to visit in Washington D.C. The United States capital is home to more museums than most have time to see. With facilities that house exhibits to cover vast interests, it can be difficult to choose one to start with.

Best museums to visit in Washington D.C.How do these rankings work?

1. National Museums of African American History and Culture

One of the newest museums to be added to D.C.’s collection, this is a true gem. It’s part of the Smithsonian museums and is also located right on the National Mall. Former President Obama conducted the opening ceremony in 2016, and a tour of the museum is now one of the most sought-after tickets in Washington.

Plan well in advance, and enjoy the temporary and permanent exhibits.

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2. National Museum of Women in the Arts

In an effort to bring awareness to women in the arts, this museum only displays the works of women. It’s even the only major museum in the world solely dedicated to women’s art. Take a stroll through the exhibits to see a wide range of mediums.

museums to visit d.c.

3. National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is an incredible find in and of itself thanks to its immense collection and permanent exhibits. It has, however, experienced something of a revival of visitors coming to see the Obama portraits. Once you’ve seen these famous paintings, don’t forget to wander through some of the other exhibits as well.

museums to visit in d.c.

4. National Museums of the American Indian

This museum is one of stunning design. From the exterior to the interior, it’s a work of art alone. The exhibits are educational and interactive and dive deeper into the lives and history of the Native Americans. Plan plenty of time to explore this large building.

5. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Adjacent to the National Mall, this is the United States’ official museum remembering the Holocaust. It’s a vast resource for education as well as research and study of both the horrifying events and how we interpret and remember them. This powerful display covers quite a lot, so take your time.

6. National Air and Space Museum

A longtime favourite among Smithsonian museums, the National Air and Space Museum is also conveniently situated right on the National Mall. With towering exhibits and airplanes installed high overhead, it’s an eye-popping museum to say the least. Visit for the interactive touch they use to educate their visitors.

7. Newseum

Dedicated to all things free press and United States print news, this Newseum explores and promotes the free expression of citizens. It examines one of Americans’ most fundamental rights while tracing the evolution of communication in the modern world. Unfortunately, this museum will be closing its doors permanently at the end of 2019. So, visit while you can.

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