7 Of The Best Walks In Anchorage

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, surrounded by incredible mountains and mind-blowing scenery. What better way to take advantage of this beautiful place than by going for a nice walk? There are so many great walks in Anchorage, ranging from strenuous hikes to quick but refreshing jaunts. So, whatever kind of walk you fancy, you’ll be able to find it here. Here are seven of the best walks in Anchorage.

Walks in Anchorage

1. Little O’Malley Peak Trail

Length: 4.5 miles
Average duration: 2 hours 55 minutes

This trail through the Chugach State Park is fairly moderate, but with several steep inclines. It might be challenging for a beginner walker, but the views of the deep valley and the city make it all worth it. The switchbacks make it slightly easier, but do bear in mind that this will be a workout. Dogs are allowed on this trail, just make sure to keep them on their lead. All in all, this is a beautiful and well-maintained trail that’ll get your heart racing and give you a great sense of accomplishment.

best walks in anchorage

2. Tony Knowles Coastal Path

Length: Up to 22 miles
Average duration: Up to 7 hours

The Tony Knowles Coastal Path is considered one of the most beautiful walks in all of Alaska, let alone Anchorage. The entire walk is about 11 miles one way, and 22 miles there and back, but most people will take a shorter route. You reach the ocean within the first few miles, overlooking the Susitna mountain. It’s amazingly scenic, if you turned back here you would have still got a good walk in with beautiful scenery. The concrete trail is wide and flat, so it’s accessible for wheelchairs, strollers, and pretty much anything on wheels. There are lots of bird watchers around this area – it’s known for being home to some fantastic birdlife, such as eagles and cranes. It’s also a popular spot for spotting deer and moose.

best walks in anchorage

3. Rabbit Lake Trail

Length: 8.7 miles
Average duration: 4 hours

This is a moderately challenging walk – it’s fairly flat with a few gentle inclines. Enough to get your heart racing but nothing that would be too challenging for the average person. Despite not being such a difficult climb, the views are outstanding. Mountains take centre stage, leading you to an alpine lake – your reward for the long walk. You might spot some wildlife on your journey, including bears, moose, and goats. You can bring your dog with you, just be sure to keep them on their lead.

4. Kincaid Bluff Trail

Length: 4 miles
Average duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

Kincaid Park is one of the largest parks in Anchorage, much loved among locals and visitors. This trail passes through forests and meadows, with gorgeous views all around. It’s a wide, well-paved, and even trail – one section is slightly steeper, but it’s easy enough, even for the little ones. There’s a population of black bears and moose here so keep an eye out for some wildlife spotting, but also keep dogs on a lead. The trail ends at a beach where you’ll be met with a stunning vista of the ocean and grass-carpeted mountains.

5. Albert Loop Trail

Length: 3.3 miles
Average duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

This is a really beautiful trail, with typical Alaskan views of alpine forest trees and snowy mountains all throughout. Keep an eye out for wildlife – there are moose, beavers, and even grizzly bears. You can find out more about the wildlife viewing opportunities at the Eagle River Nature Center at the start of the trail. It’s a cosy and woodsy walk, with several great viewpoints overlooking the Chugach Mountains. The flat and well-paved trail will lead you through the forest to the beautiful Eagle River.

6. Near Point via Stuckagain Heights

Length: 6.6 miles
Average duration: 3 hours

This is a pretty and wooded walk up to Near Point. It must be said that this is a very steep walk, 3.3 miles to the top and 3.3 miles back down. It’s also pretty icy, so walking poles are encouraged. But once you get up to the summit, you’ll forget all about the steep climb – the view overlooking Anchorage is just beautiful. You can bring your dogs with you too, and they can be let off the lead in some areas.

7. University Lake Loop

Length: 1.6 miles
Average duration: 40 minutes

This is a fairly short and easy walk, but it’s one of the best walks in Anchorage for the breathtaking scenery. The shimmering lake and alpine mountains are beautiful without having to gain much elevation. Bear in mind that there are usually lots of dogs on this walk, but it’s a great choice if you want to let your pup off their lead.

best walks in anchorage

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