Spanish bucket list

7 Spots For Your Ultimate Spanish Bucket List

What comes to mind when you think of Spain? Stunning Mediterranean beaches? Tapas fit for a king? Gaudi masterpieces such as Casa Batillo and Sagrada Familia? Well, you’re right! But Spain is all that and more, as this Spanish bucket list of its must-visit destinations proves. From one of Europe’s most gorgeous mountain ranges to limitless UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this list will cover Spain’s best.

7 Spots For Your Ultimate Spanish Bucket List

1. Barcelona

Home to Gaudi and a fiery Catalan spirit, Barcelona is an obvious add on any Spanish bucket list! Barcelona is unique from the rest of Spain, it’s got a certain pizzaz that screams exclusivity. Food, drinks, attitude and just about everything else here comes with a flair that is unique to the bustling Catalonian city.

It’s like you’re in a club. An awesome club with a world famous football team and the best seafood on the Mediterranean. Start your first morning with a visit to Sagrada Familia, spend the afternoon strolling Gotico and the night popping in and out of tapas bars in El Born.

2. Granada

Still considered a well-kept secret in Spain, Granada is a must! Granada is a jewel of Andalusia and filled with Moorish history. Granada gave us tapas, flamenco and Federico Garcia Lorca. Despite this, It’s managed to retain an authentic Spanish feel and remain uncrowded when compared to Barcelona and Madrid.

3. Menorca

Much more calm than its party-hard cousin, Ibiza, Menorca tops the charts on places to see in Spain. Not only is it known for some of the worlds best beaches, but it’s also home to some great hiking and tons of megalithic structures. This trifecta makes it a no-brainer when visiting Spain! While there, be sure to check out Torre Trencada and Cala Mitjana.

4. Picos de Europa

Because of the Mediterranean’s well-deserved popularity, Spain’s mountainous regions often take a back seat. Marvellous vistas like the Sierra Nevada get looked over in favour of long beach days with sangria in hand, and we totally get it! That said, Picos de Europa is 100% worthwhile and will give you the hiking experience of a lifetime. Picos de Europa is the centrepiece to the Cantabrian mountain range and earns the Asturias region some serious bragging rights. Lagos de Covadonga and Fuente De are the most popular sites and can’t be missed.

5. Madrid

Madrid checks all the boxes when it comes to a visiting capital city; great food, exciting history, affordability and of course, comfortable weather. What Madrid lacks in artsy Barcelona’s Gaudi landmarks, it makes up for ten-fold with royal history at Palacio Royal. Apart from Spanish history, gastronomy and arts are considered some of the best in the country.

6. Ibiza

Ibiza belongs on everyone’s list, and despite what someone may have told you, it’s not only for party-goers. That’s right, while most of the island is known for having one of the best night scenes with some of the world’s most famous clubs, the northern half is quite peaceful. Spend your first few evenings dancing and drinking the night away, then unwind. Head to some of its beautiful beaches or explore the fortified Alta Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Spanish bucket list
7. Seville

Along with Granada, Seville is one of Andalucia’s best and most exciting cities. Seville is chock full fo stunning landmarks like Real Alcazar, La Giralda, Seville Cathedral and their famous Plaza de España. Seville is another excellent place for Moorish history and beer. In Seville, there is a custom of drinking beer standing up to socialise easier, so grab a caña and make some new friends!

Spanish bucket list

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