7 Of The World's Scariest Rollercoasters

7 Of The World’s Scariest Rollercoasters [With Videos]

Think you can tackle the scariest rollercoasters? Feeling brave and have a stomach made of steel?

Well, we’ve asked our readers and scoured the world for the scariest rollercoasters for you to add them to your list and tackle them one day – if you think you can handle it.

World’s scariest rollercoasters…

These are not for the faint hearted..

1. Kingda Ka – Six Flags, New Jersey, USA

This ride hits a top speed of 128 mph and actually tilts to a full 90 degree angle, meaning you’ll be holding on to the seat of your pants. Literally.

2. Gravity Max – Taiwan

The train gets locked onto a section of track, the track is tilted 90 degrees, locks into the next part of track, and RELEASE! You’ll find it in Lihpao land in Taiwan.

3. Formula Rossa – UAE

It’s the fastest rollercoaster in the world clocking up an impressive 149 MPH in 4 seconds! You’ll find it at Ferrai World in Abu Dhabi. The best bit? It feels as if you’re sitting in an actual Ferrari when up at the very front.

4. Intimidator 305 – Virginia, USA

The steep incline at the start immediately lets you know that you’re in for one of the scariest rollercoaster rides ever – the thrills don’t let off at any stage during the ride.

5. Steel Dragon – Japan

This is the world’s longest rollercoaster since opening in 2000, which means you’ll be in for a full 3 minutes of twists and turns rather than a typical 45 second ride.

6. Sky Scream – Germany

This unique rollercoaster gets straight to the action straight away and sends you on up-and-down twists in a pendulum-style fashion. Not for the faint hearted.

7. Takabisha – Yamanashi, Japan

Euro-Fighter steel roller coaster with a scary drop of angle of 121… which means you’ll be screaming every inch of the way.

Big 7 Travel Team