Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

7 Amazing Images from the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

In need of something to brighten your day? These hilarious images from the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards will make you laugh. The light-hearted competition has announced this year’s finalists and the images are incredible.

From bears waving hello in Alaska to turtles sticking up the middle finger, these candid shots of animals across the world are truly fantastic. The awards themselves aim to promote wildlife conservation in a fun and engaging way. These photos certainly do just that!

The list of winners will be revealed on October 22nd, but in the meantime, here’s seven wonderful images (in no particular order)…

2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: These Photos will Make You Smile

1. “Smiley,” Canary Islands, by Arthur Telle Thiemenn

2. “Tough Negotiations,” Israel, by Ayala Fishaimer

3. “Terry the Turtle flipping the bird,” Australia, by Mark Fitzpatrick

4. “Social Distance Please,” Sri Lanka, by Petr Sochman

5. “Hi Y’all,” Alaska, by Eric Fisher

6. “Surprise Smiles,” Kenya, by Asaf Sereth

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

7. “So Hot,” Japan, by Wei Ping Peng

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

There’s so many more adorable and funny photos of animals that you can see on their Facebook page.

Want to see even more? You can check out last year’s finalists here and winners here.

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