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7 Bucket List Foods To Eat In Atlanta

With so many great culinary options popping up here, you really are spoilt for choice. So, we’ve put together the ultimate Atlanta bucket list for foodies.

These are the dishes that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. The dishes that will make you drool and impress your friends no end. So forget about the gym or the healthy eating day, and let yourself go a little.

This is the ultimate Atlanta bucket list for foodies…

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1. The Burger at The General Muir 

The General Muir is a modern American restaurant inspired by a classic New York Jewish deli, that takes burgers to a whole new level. Their truly perfect Burger Stack comes with American cheese, shaved onion, bread & butter pickles and golden fries and is hands down the best burger you’ll find in the entire state. Fact.

2. Pizza at Antico

Antico is pretty much single handedly responsible for driving on the pizza scene in the city, as well as Italian culture in general.

Their pizzas are classically Neapolitan in style with wonderfully fresh toppings. No need to complicate things here – just keep it simple. It’s pizza that’s incredibly authentic and incredibly tasty.

3. Chicken And Waffles at West Egg Cafe

West Egg Cafe has been open for 15 years serving up some of the best Southern comfort food you could wish for. It’s not hard to see how they have so many loyal customers when you have your first brunch experience here.

Their pancake stacks, chicken and waffles – as well as their coffee – are all superb and some of the best you’ll taste in the country.

4. Ribs at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

A laid back diner-style joint where the large neon sign calls your name as you drive by to come in and sample their super wholesome food.

The place just oozes cool without trying too hard, and the staff are among the friendliest you will ever come across. A portion of their ribs with the hot sauce is the stuff of your dreams.

5. Grits at Flying Biscuit Cafe

Creamy and dreamy are two perfect words to describe the grits at Flying Biscuit Cafe. It’s hard to come across grits in Atlanta better than what you’ll find here. Locals seem to love pairing the creamy, buttery grits with the restaurant’s famous biscuits. The biscuits come with apple butter, which is honestly to die for, and it adds a certain sweetness that the grits balance out really well. Order the shrimp and grits as your main course or get them on the side with a breakfast platter.

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6. T Bone Steak at Kevin Rathbun Steak

Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to a top-end steak, and this is by far the best place to do so in Atlanta.

There are lots of options to choose from, but the T-bone is a work of art and cooked to absolute perfection every single time. When it comes to steakhouses in Atlanta, you’ll never go wrong here.

Atlanta bucket list

7. Ice Cream at Paolo’s Gelato Italiano

This is a tiny gelato shop where they serve up some of the richest and freshest gelato that you will find outside of Italy itself.

The flavours are fresh and original and rotate on a regular basis, so you will always have an excuse to keep coming back. The big question is will you go for two scoops, or three?

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