Austrian dishes

7 Austrian Dishes You Have To Try

Travelling to Europe might not be possible right now, but you can still make these Austrian dishes at home. If you want to recreate a meal you had when visiting or just want to travel via your taste buds then these dishes are perfect for you.

With such cold winters, many Austrian dishes are hearty and filling, so they are ideal for family-style meals.

These aren’t just any recipes either, as they come from the world’s top bloggers. The best of the best. Make sure to follow their blogs and bookmark these wonderful Austrian dishes once you make them.

Austrian Dishes

1. Cheese Spaetzle (Käsespätzle)

Käsespätzle is the German word which just means cheese spaetzle. The are served in both Germany and Austria.

In fact, this standalone dish in a frying pan is a traditional food dish in Austria, South Tyrol (Italy), Bavaria and Swabia (Germany).

Recipe created by Helene.

Austrian dishes

2. Wiener Schnitzel

The main and probably only difference between the Wiener Schnitzel and the German schnitzel is the meat that is used: veal for the Wiener original and pork for the German version.

Recipe created by Adina.

3. Sacher Torte

Sacher torte is the most famous chocolate cake and is a legendary Austrian classic. Two dense chocolate cake layers are filled and covered with apricot jam and glazed with an amazing chocolate glaze. One of the tastiest Austrian dishes ever.

Recipe created by Sabine.

Austrian dishes

4. Kaiserschmarrn

Also known as emperor’s mess, it is a fluffy and light, giant pancake, which is torn into bite-size pieces after baking.

Recipe created by Ursula.

Austrian dishes

5. Schweinsbraten (Austrian Roast Pork)

The only thing that’s more Austrian is Applestrudel and maybe Sachertorte. But Schweinsbraten isn’t too far down the list. And for those who are keen to wow the crowd with authentic Bavarian food, then this recipe is a treat for you.

Recipe created by Antonia.

6. Apple Strudel

This is a recipe for a classic Austrian Apple Strudel with homemade dough and a filling of apples, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar, raisins, walnuts and roasted bread crumbs.

Recipe created by Angelika.

7. Marillenknödel (Austrian Apricot Dumplings)

Marillenknödel are one of the most popular Austrian dishes. It’s apricots covered with soft and fluffy cheese dough and topped with breadcrumb cinnamon sugar topping. They are super quick to prepare and make a light and delicious summer dinner or dessert.

Recipe created by Aleksandra.

Austrian dishes

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