The Beautiful New Zealand

23 Photos That Prove New Zealand Is The Most Beautiful Country In The World

New Zealand is a magical place, with stunning natural beauty, wonderful things to do and some of the friendliest locals you are ever likely to meet. In a nutshell, it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Never been? You really need to add it to the bucket list. If you have been then you know what we’re talking about – those mountain views, lakes and scenic road trips are simply incredible. As for people who get to call NZ home? Beyond jealous.

But anyway, don’t just take our word for it – check out these photos to see just how beautiful New Zealand actually is.

1. New Zealand is like no other country on this planet in terms of its scenery

Beautiful New Zealand

2. It’s a country where you’ll easily be able to find a beach that looks like this…

Beach in New Zealand

3. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful lakes, like Lake Tekapo

The world's most beautiful lakes in NZ

4. It’s also home to the greatest rugby team on the planet

The greatest rugby team

5. Forget about Australia – NZ is a true surfer’s paradise

Surfer's Paradise of NZ

6. You can climb beautiful mountains like Roy’s Peak

Beautiful Mountain of Roy's Peak in NZ

7. The cities, like Auckland, are pretty spectacular too

Auckland City in NZ

8. Even the railway stations (like this one in Dunedin) look like incredible

Dunedin in NZ

9. If you thought things were pretty now, wait until you see New Zealand in springtime…

Spring in New Zealand

10. With so much space and clean air it is home to some of the best produce in the world

Beautiful New Zealand

11. You’ll find thousands of unspoilt waterfalls; and probably have them all to yourself

Unspoilt waterfalls in NZ

12. Queenstown is the adventure sports capital of the world is here… and it looks like this

Queenstown in New Zealand

13. You might even get to see the Southern Lights

The Southern Lights in NZ

14. You get to drive along roads with views as breathtaking as these

Scenic Road in New Zealand

15. Even in wintertime the place is incredibly pretty

Wintertime in NZ

16. Where else would you find a tree that looks this?

Beautiful Tree in NZ

17. And all the houses look like this… (We’re only joking but the rest of the world loves to think they do!)

Beautiful House in NZ

18. The animals, like these dolphins in Kaikoura, are pretty friendly too

Dolphins in Kaikoura NZ

19. Yep – things are pretty chilled out around here

Beautiful New Zealand

20. There’s lots of small towns like Arrow for quaint little stop-offs

Small towns in NZ

21. There are SO many moments when New Zealand will just take your breath away

Beautiful Mountain Views in NZ

22. Where else would you find a blue lagoon that looks like this?

Blue Lagoon in New Zealand

23. And the NZ sunsets prove it’s probably the prettiest country in the world….

NZ Sunsets

Big 7 Travel Team