7 Best Instagrammable Spots In Bergen

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Bergen

Seeing as how Bergen is the gateway to the Fjords of Norway, it makes sense that this city is a stellar place to visit. Bergen is Norway’s most international city, full of history and tradition.

The old wharf has colourful wooden houses while the buzzing fish market has endless photo opportunities.

As it’s such a beautiful place, we wanted to discover the 7 best places to get an Instagram shot for that perfect travel photo. Get the camera out for these photogenic places…

Bergen Instagram Spots

1. Bryggen

The perfect place to capture this tightly packed town with the mountains in the background, the water lapping into the port and the beautifully coloured buildings.


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2. Cable Car Mount Ulriken

From the second you step into the cable car until you get to the top, the views just keep getting better and better. Some of the best photo opportunities are just as the cable car leaves the station.


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3. Skuteviken

One of the prettiest suburbs of Bergen with parts of it dating back to 1183. Seen either by boat (if you’re lucky enough to take a boat trip) or by land, you are sure to find a spot for the perfect Bergen Instagram picture.


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4. Old Bergen

The old colourful houses in this area date back to the 1700s and look gorgeous; all stacked up beside each other on the thin roads. A proper step into the past.


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5. The Fish Market

One of the most important trades in this port town and always a hive of activity. Locals, fishermen and tourists all bustle around looking and buying the wonderfully fresh produce.


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6. Ludvig Holberg Square

Ludvig Holberg was a Bergen local who was a famous writer, essayist, philosopher, historian and playwright. His work is well known all over the world and this cute little square with his statue as the focal point is pretty beyond belief.


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7. Top of Mt. Fløyen

One of the most iconic photos you’ll ever capture and one of the prettiest spots in all of Norway. It gets busy at sunset, so pick a quieter time of the day to get the perfect picture of Bergen.


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