The Berlin Weather Season

Berlin Weather – When Is The Best Time To Visit?

One of the biggest factors to consider when visiting a city is what the weather is going to be like and picking the best time of year accordingly. Berlin Weather is unpredictable so we have had a closer look for you…

Being located in central Europe,  Berlin weather has four distinct seasons with temperatures swinging in broad range from below zero the high 30Cs. In short you’ll want to make sure you pack accordingly.

Berlin Weather season by season


Winter in Berlin can be harsh but the good news is the city is always well prepared and Berliners go about their business despite the gripping cold. You can expect winter to start kicking in from mid November onwards with temperatures often in or round 0C. With wind chill the cold days day get to -10C but unseasonably mild weather can see temperatures rise to 10C so the checking in advance is advised.


The city starts to come to life when spring starts kicking in which is usually from late February to mid March onwards. Berliners lover their outdoor spaces and you’ll find plenty of cafes, parks and shared spaces starting to open up as spring blooms. You can expect temperatures to range from 5C to 20C during spring.


This is the season where you really get to see the best of the city with most people spending their days and most of the evenings outside. The temperature can get up close to 40C with early 30Cs being common with dry days and plenty of sunshine. Locals get out of the city and head to the water to cool down. Failing that the hot Berlin weather can also be staved off with cold beer.


Usually one of the shortest seasons stretching from mid September until mid November although can vary depending on an Indian summer or an early winter. You’ll have to pack for all seasons and check before you travel. One thing you can expect is rain.

Berlin Weather month by month

Berlin Weather


High / Low(°C)  3° / -2°

Rain – 9 days


High / Low(°C) 4° / -2°

Rain – 7 days


High / Low(°C) 8° / 1°

Rain – 8 days


High / Low(°C) 13° / 4°

Rain – 7 days


High / Low(°C) 19° / 9°

Rain – 8 days


High / Low(°C) 22° / 12°

Rain – 8 days


High / Low(°C) 24° / 14°

Rain – 8 days


High / Low(°C) – 24° / 14°

Rain – 8 days


High / Low(°C) 19° / 10°

Rain – 7 days


High / Low(°C) 13° / 6°

Rain – 7 days


High / Low(°C) 7° / 2°

Rain – 9 days


High / Low(°C) 4° / -1°

Rain – 10 days

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