best barbecue in baton rouge

7 Best Places For Barbecue In Baton Rouge

Are you on the hunt for some of the best barbecue in the Baton Rouge? Turns out, Baton Rouge is home to some finger-lickin’ good barbecue, so we set out to see who does it best. Get your saucy-smoky fix at these seven best places for barbecue in Baton Rouge.

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1. BRQ Seafood and Barbecue

If you are looking for melt in your mouth smoked sliced brisket and pit pork, look no further than BRQ. Take your pick from their various styles. They’ve got all your favourites from Texas, the Carolinas, Missouri and Tennessee style barbecues. And don’t get us started on the house sauces. We’re talkin’ North Carolina vinegar to Louisiana spicy.

best barbecue in baton rouge

2. Sonny’s Barbecue

Ribs are the name of the game at Baton Rouge’s Sonny’s Barbecue. Their juicy racks are slow-smoked in house over chopped oak and then given your choice of dry rub or sauce. Order the St. Louis ribs and be sure to save room for the classic cornbread.

sonnys bbq best barbecue in baton rouge

3. Podnuh’s Bar-B-Q

Podnuh’s Bar-B-Q has been wowing barbecue fanatics since the ’70s with their incredible smoked meats and classic side dishes. Pop into any of Baton Rouge’s two locations and order their smoked pork sausage or beef brisket (or both!). Then, top it all off with a peach cobbler.

podnuhs bbq best barbecue in baton rouge

4. TJ Ribs

Nobody, and we mean nobody, does rib racks quite like TJ Ribs. This local favourite is famous for its special secret recipe of dry rubbing, marinating, roasting ribs with the perfect amount of flavour. Treat yourself to a finger-lickin’ good rack of baby back ribs and don’t leave without their bread pudding.

TJ Ribs best barbecue in baton rouge


5. City Pork Deli & Charcuterie

This Hollydale Avenue gem is famous for its classic barbecue sandwiches. It’s in a brasserie-style setting with a side of southern hospitality and charm. Hop over and spoil yourself with their popular ‘big pig’ sandwich. Expertly smoked pork shoulder smothered in their signature barbecue sauce is sandwiched between a brioche bun and seriously lifechanging.

city pork deli best barbecue in baton rouge

6. VooDoo BBQ & Grill

This local favourite gets all the best of Louisiana barbecue right with slow-roasted meats, good ol’ southern sides and downhome hospitality. Go all out and indulge in any of their signature slow-smoked meat platters and be sure to snag some of their barbecue shrimp, too!

voodoo bbq best barbecue in baton rouge

7. Jay’s Bar-B-Q

Jay’s Bar-B-Q has been serving some of the best barbecues in all the Gulf State for over 60 years. Even better? The entire time it has remained family-run. This means old school, traditional family recipes on your plate and a homey, warm way of business. Go ahead and indulge in their bar-b-q by the pound and be sure top it all off with a classic vanilla malt.

jays bbq best barbecue in baton rouge

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