The 7 Best Bars In Berlin

The 7 Best Bars In Berlin

Berlin is the place to go for drinks if you’re looking for the weird, the wonderful and everything in between.

From independent underground speakeasies to pay-what-you-like wine bars, here’s the 7 best bars in Berlin.

The best Berlin bars

1. Klunkerkranich:

The perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon in the sun, this gorgeous rooftop garden is on top of a shopping mall parking garage in Berlin and is the beer garden to beat all others.

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Mi., 26.09.2018,ab 16:00 Uhr für 3-5 € im Wohnzimmer: Plattentresen mit ENM (Low Bat b2b Kull) – Hinter den Alpen: Stand Up On Top mit Shahak Shapira ☛ Plattentresen : ENM (Low Bat b2b Kull) ☛ Stand Up On Top X Klunkerkranich Slow Acid & Exotic Industrial – wie immer wirft die nächtliche Decke Genres & Fragen auf die unbeantwortet ins Dunkle kreisen – zum Dienstag Abend darf mal wieder tiefst in den Kisten gegraben werden! Sportliche Lovesongs und allerlei obskures kommt aus den Höchsten Tiefen des Neuköllner Untergrunds: Low Bat & Marc Kull aka Endlich Normale Menschen! It's a Love Affair! Die Stand Up On Top-Crew um Kinan, Kawus und Daniel lässt zum Sommersaisonausklang nochmal richtig einen raus: Kein Geringerer als Shahak Shapira ist beim nächsten Mal dabei. Shahak ist Autor, Stand Up-Künstler, Social Media-Zauberer, Nazis-dazwischen-Grätscher, Meinungsmacher und sogar in die Welt der Politik hat sich der tausendsassaeske Berliner mit israelischen Wurzeln schon vorgewagt: Als Kandidat der Partei Die PARTEI mischte er im letzten Bundestagswahlkampf mit. Bei uns auf dem Dach sorgt er für allerhand Lachmuskel-Strapazierendes. Wow! ╰ ☆ WOHNZIMMER ╮ » Low Bat b2b Marc Kull // ╰ ☆ HINTER DEN ALPEN ╮ » Special Guest: Shahak Shapira » Kinan Al » Kawus Kalantar » Daniel Wolfson » Masud Akbarzadeh

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2. Rum Trader:

One of Berlin’s oldest cocktail bars, the Rum Trader (a.k.a ‘Institute for Advanced Drinking’) is a uniquely classy drinking experience. There’s no menu – the owner, Mr Scholl, will make you the perfect tipple.

Barely room for 25 people, the world outside seems very far away once you walk through these doors.

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3. Barbie Deinhoff’s:

A queer art space that’s become a Berlin nightlife classic, this neon-drenched bar is filled with quirky characters, cheap beer and an anything goes attitude – everything you could ever want, basically.

4. Scotch & Sofa:

Red velvet decks the walls at this classy cocktail bar has over 100 varieties of whiskey and vintage mish-mashed decor.

Drinks are great, the music isn’t too loud and the 60s sofas are super cosy. The downstairs bar is ideal for boujie smokers while an outdoor terrace in the summer provides some fresh air.

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This bar is beautiful ?

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5. Weinerei

A pay-what-you-like wine bar (yes, seriously), at Weinerei you pay €3 for a glass and help yourself to wine from their curated selection. On your way out, simply pay what you feel the wine was worth.

A hotspot for budding wine enthusiasts, it’s no wonder that this place is still going strong since opening in the 1990s.

6. Prinzipal Kreuzberg

Press a buzzer on an unmarked door to gain entry to this secret club that’s a rabbit hole of unpredictable wonder.

A burlesque bar with nightly performances, the cocktail menu takes inspiration from stars such as Dita Von Tease. Step back into the 1920s and just enjoy the show.

7. Fragrances

The first bar to serve cocktail creations inspired by exclusive perfumes. Fragrances is “dedicated to the art of cocktails in combination with the world of perfume and aromas”.

How does it work? Choose your favourite scent from a range of designer perfumes. Then, the bartenders will create a personalised cocktail using essences, flowers and herbs.

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