Beaches In Myanmar

The 7 Best Beaches In Myanmar

Whether you’re seeking a sandy stretch that feels like it’s your alone, hidden bays on tropical islands or popular resorts, we have all the top spots when it comes to the best beaches in Myanmar. The country has over 2,000 km of coastline, so there’s some beautiful beaches here.

It’s a diverse list, with golden sand, snorkelling hotspots and secret coves. Here’s where we’ll be spending most of our time…

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1. Ngapali Beach

Myanmar has some incredible beaches that are unspoilt, but Ngapali (pronounced ‘Napoly’) on the Bay of Bengal coast is a real highlight. Palm trees line the long, white stretch of sand that’s surrounded by fishing villages.

2. Ngwe Saung (Silver Beach)

This beautiful spot is just as pretty as Ngapali, but is much closer to Yangon, so it’s easier to get to. You’ll find it on the Myanmar shore of the Bay of Bengal. With white sand and luxury hotels it’s a popular spot for honeymooners. You can snorkel and scuba dive, and the seafood is fantastic.

3. Kanthaya Beach

Unlike many other beaches in Myanmar, this beach doesn’t have a lot of amenties such as shops and bars, so it suits visitors want to enjoy a peaceful getaway. There’s offshore islands and reefs to explore, with local villages on the outskirts for treks.

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4. Mergui Archipeligo

The Mergui islands consist of 800 near-deserted islands that are one of the world’s last unspoilt areas. Think white beaches lined with palm trees and dense jungles, swimming in azure water amongst colourful reef fish, spotting corals, and collecting seashells.

You’ll have to book a sailing trip here and it’s difficult to reach, but your reward will be the best beaches in Myanmar.

5. Pa Nyit Beach

This stunning, long stretch of empty golden sand is backed by lush trees that offer good shade for sunbathing, with deep blue waters for swimming. It’s a quiet beach so you’ll often have it almost to yourself. Be sure to visit the monastery at the end of the beach.

Beaches In Myanmar

6. Po Po Kyauk Beach

Also known as ‘Grandfather Beach’, this peaceful stretch of sand is the perfect spot for a sunset. It’s very long, so consider renting a bike to cycle or drive the entire stretch. It’s uncrowded with warm, blue water and soft sand.

Beaches In Myanmar

7. Nabule Beach

You’ll have to make an effort to get here, as it’s pretty secluded, but it’s worth it. Nabule Beach is a great day trip from Maungmagan Beach in southeastern Myanmar. Bring your camera to capture the beautiful sights here and just relax.

Beaches In Myanmar

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