chicken wings Chattanooga

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Chattanooga

Tennessee is famous for its barbecue, with one of the top specialities some smoked wings, but there’s also classic buffalo wing joint and sports bars all over the state. As for the tastiest chicken wings in Chattanooga? We’re glad you asked…

Here’s where we think fellow wing fiends should make a beeline for…

Best Chicken Wings in ChattanoogaHow do these rankings work?

1. Chattanooga Wing Factory

Chattanooga Wing Factory has a little something for everyone! Its chicken wings come with all sorts of delish sauces like the Bourbon Bliss, Italian, the Golden Sun, the Honey Hickory and many more. The wings are crispy and full of flavour, ticking all the boxes.

chicken wings Chattanooga

2. Wings Town

As you might guess, Wings Town is all about wings, wings and more wings. Locals love this spot for the unique wing sauces. If you’re tired of the usual flavors in chicken wings, then you should try them out. They treat chicken wings like its art and it shows.

Chicken Wings In Tennessee

3. Champy’s

At Champy’s, you can rest easy knowing that each one of their food items will be better than the last, and not just the chicken wings. Their delicious home-made chicken is freshly cooked on order and is served with coleslaw and baked beans. The wings are an essential eat though.

4. Heavenly Flavoured Wings

These folks have some great chicken wing combos that will keep you coming back for more. The wings are cooked with a sauce of your choice, including Honey Gold, Sweet and Tangy or Thai Chili. *drools* It really is wing heaven here.

chicken wings Chattanooga

5. Mexi-Wing VII

This fun Mexican eatery has great music, a lively atmosphere and excellent food. There’s lots of Mexican dishes of course, but the crispy and juicy wings are a must-order. The wings here are super succulent on the inside, yet still have that perfectly crisp coating. Yum.

chicken wings Chattanooga

6. Bud’s Sports Bar

Bud’s Sports Bar is probably the best place for sports, beers and wings all-in-one in Chattanooga. Owned by a veteran, the restaurant is loved all over town for its delicious chicken wings and diverse, mouth watering menu. They also have some yummy homemade apple pie, so keep some room for dessert. 

chicken wings Chattanooga

7. Asia Cafe

This cafe made our list because it has a knack for mixing the Asian style of cooking with the original American taste. It has several sauce options for its chicken wings including teriyaki, lemon pepper and many many more!

chicken wings Chattanooga

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