Best Chicken Wings in Asheville

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Asheville

North Carolina is home to some of the country’s best BBQ spots. but you’ll find that the BBQ in Asheville is just too delicious to resist. What does that include? Everything from pulled pork and ribs straight on through to some tantalising chicken wings.

Scrumptious and finer-licking good, the best chicken wings in Asheville are truly out of this world. You’ll find them drenched in BBQ sauce, dry and hot or perfectly smoked and then lightly basted with flavour.

If you’re not sure where to get the best of the best then we’ve got you covered. These spots are serving the best chicken wings in Asheville. Or, well, at least amongst the best.

Best Chicken Wings In AshevilleHow do these rankings work?

1. Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack

This place is so popular that it not only earns the No. 1 spot of the best chicken wings in Asheville but also took the No. 1 spot in all of North Carolina, too. Because it’s truly hard to resist their mouthwatering Nashville hot chicken. And, they don’t rely on gimmicks and crazy flavours to accomplish the quality. They simply add the spice, from mild to extra hot. Get them any way you like and dig in for a treat.

Best Chicken Wings in Asheville

2. Haywood Lounge

Visitors near and far love the laidback, homey vibes at Haywood Lounge. Along with feeling like a true neighbourhood lounge full of fantastic food and fine drinks, they serve amazing chicken wings. And, they’re cheap! Offering 99 cent wings, the sauce here delivers the perfect combo of zest and tangy flavours. Add on some super crispy fries on the side and you have got the ultimate feast.

3. Luella’s Bar-B-Que

As mentioned, Asheville is one of the country’s hottest BBQ hotspots. So, when we say that Luella’s Bar-B-Que is serving some of the best chicken wings in Asheville, we really mean that they’re some of the best in the entire country. Using old family recipes, these smoked wings have an incredible flavour and are coated in a tasty blend of smokiness.  Choose from Luella’s Sweet Love Sauce, Hot Mama, or Ring of Fire.

Best Chicken Wings in Asheville

4. East Village Grille

East Village Grille is a unique spot as they serve both Greek and American cuisine yet have so many wonderfully Southern dishes on the menu. Case in point? Their plate of “tiger wings.” Each jumbo chicken wing is hand-breaded and fried to perfection, then tossed in their world famous Tiger Sauce. After something more classic? They also offer Garlic Tiger Wings, Traditional Buffalo Wing, Oriental Terriyaki and Texas Style Honey Barbeque.

5. Moe’s Original BBQ

Even though Moe’s is Alabama-born, they’ve got the NC-style of BBQ down to form. And, you’ll notice lots of eager locals diving into great BBQ sandwiches that are just overflowing with some of the city’s finest smoked meats. However, we suggest opting for just the wings. They’re lightly coated in a house-made wing sauce and served with an irresistible creamy Alabama style white BBQ sauce for dipping.

6. Foggy Mountain Brewpub

The chicken wings at this local pub are so great that they’ve even won some awards after going head-to-head with other wings in the area. The from-scratch meals that come out of the kitchen here taste fresh and unique, and that’s part of what makes the wings so great. Their smoked wings come tossed in a Roasted Garlic or 3 Pepper Hot Sauce. Be sure to try them both as they’ve both got their own unique taste.

Best Chicken Wings in Asheville

7. Pack’s Tavern

Pack’s Tavern is a must for any visitor in Asheville whether you’re hungry for wings or not. This historic hotspot is home to some fantastic, charming vibes along with live music acts and delicious eats. Settle into your surroundings, order a tasty beer and then get stuck into some world-class wings. They’re breaded wings, smothered in unique flavours such as Citrus Garlic Mojo, Korean BBQ, Blackberry Ninja Porter BBQ or even Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ. Each one is worth a try.

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