The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Richmond

From super saucy BBQ wings to those jumbo-sized wings loaded up with some spicy dry rub, do you know where to get the best chicken wings in Richmond? We do. The Greater Richmond area is absolutely brimming with great spots for a basket of wings and some other tasty sides.

But, you do know have to know where to look. The best chicken wings in America, after all, vary so greatly that there are lots of places serving up some good wings and other places serving up great ones.

So, we scoured the Richmond area to bring you a list of our seven favourite places. These spots are where you’ll find some of the best wings in Richmond, if not the entire state of Virginia.

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1. Asado Wing and Taco Company

Asado, as the name suggests, combines two of the tastiest food trends in the United States: wings and tacos. And, they’re known to offer tantalising combos, too, such as six wings and a taco for just over $10 at lunchtime. The wings are smokey and cooked to perfection, featuring nothing more than tender, juicy chicken meat and lots of full flavours from the sauces they use. In short, they’re irresistibly good.

Best Chicken Wings In Richmond

2. Sportspage Bar & Grille

Numerous locals think Sportspage is home to some of the best chicken wings in Richmond. And, it’s pretty easy to see why. They serve up some unique flavours they slather onto their jumbo-sized wings. Chile Garlic, Tex-Mex and Crazy Hot are all worth trying first. Tuesday nights are wing nights here. So, be sure to stop by for a basket of wings and a pitcher of ice-cold domestic beer.

Best Chicken Wings In Richmond

3. Hurley’s Tavern

Interested in taking a dive into local culture and foodie life while you’re travelling through Richmond? There’s no better place than Hurley’s Tavern. This local pub is one of the best spots to meet locals and chow down on some of Richmond’s tastiest wings. Choose between wet or dry. Then, work your way through the sauces. They’ve got everything from Maple-Bacon and Memphis BBQ to Spicy Carolina BBQ, El Diablo and a unique Italian dry rub.

4. Gus’ Bar & Grill

The wings at Gus’ are damn near perfect. They cook them to the point of perfection, leaving the wings to be crispy yet tender enough to ensure the flavourful juices spill out with each bite. And, they pack just the right amount of heat. You know, the kind of heat that makes you order beer after beer just to wash it all down with. Not a fan of heat? They’ve got other options that’ll please your palate, too.

Where to Eat Chicken Wings in Virginia

5. Kickback Jack’s

With a name like Kickback Jack’s, you just know you’re going to have a good time here. It’s like a, well, local kickback. And, no true American kickback is complete without some fantastic grilled wings. And, they give you so many options. Order grilled wings, fried wings or dry rub wings and then douse them in the sauce of your choosing. With nearly 10 sauces to choose from, you’ve got endless combos for unique wing flavours.

6. Legend Brewing Company

It goes without saying that Legend Brewing Company is one of the best breweries and taprooms in Virginia. So, if you’re a real fan of local craft beer, you’ve gotta stop by for a visit. And, while you’re here, order a round of their famous dry rub wings. They’re baked or smoked, not fried, giving them an especially soft, tender skin to bite into. Definitely get them with the Porter BBQ sauce. Paired with an IPA, you can’t go wrong.

Best Chicken Wings In Richmond

7. The Flyin’ Pig

The Flyin’ Pig is the kind of place you’d go in order to treat yourself to a full meal of American comfort food and elevated bar eats. It’s all well above average, with a menu that showcases impressive cocktails, great wine and lots of burgers and BBQ. They sell their own signature sauces that are worth a taste test or two. But, their hickory-smoked chicken wings are just so mouthwatering you won’t be able to resist ordering seconds.

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