Best things to do in Richmond, Virginia

7 Unmissable Things To Do In Richmond

The capital of Virginia is home to so much more than great coffee and bars. But hey, it does have plenty of those. Richmond is actually a pretty historic city with tons to see and do.

These best things to do in Richmond include historic sights and modern attractions.

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1. Watch a movie at The Byrd

The Byrd Theatre was built in 1928 and has remained a long-standing Richmond institution named for the city’s founder. This is “Richmond’s movie place” where locals and visitors alike can see movies for about $5. Though it is not required, consider making a donation to the non-profit to keep the theatre up and running.

2. Visit the Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Found in 1922, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum chronicles his time living in Richmond, Virginia. The museum regularly holds events ranging from live music and happy hours to special exhibits and readings. Visit the gift shop for all things Poe.

Best Richmond things to do in Virginia

3. Walk the grounds of Maymont

The Maymont is a Victorian mansion on 100 acres of land that now serve as a public park. This historic home features a collection of carriages, an arboretum, formal gardens and a nature center. Rain or shine, this is a great place to wander for a few hours.

Best Richmond things to do in Virginia

4. See the historic Virginia State Capital

The Virginia State Capital was designed in 1785 and houses the oldest elected legislative body North America. The colonial building was last used as the third capital of Virginia in 1779 and is protected by the National Park Service today. Tour the building for a history-infused afternoon.

Best Richmond things to do in Virginia

5. See an exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art

The museum opened in 1936 and holds more than 35,000 works that span more than 5,000 years of world history. Among the most notable artists are Goya, Picasso, Van Gogh and Manet. Tickets are free, but go for a Friday night art and wine event.

6. Relax at Belle Island

Belle Island is a 54-acre park located inside the James River which runs through the city of Richmond. The park includes trails for walking, but remember to take a towel for a cool dip on hot days. Spend a few hours here and take a bottle of Belle Isle Moonshine from the local craft distillery with you when you go.

7. Take a tour of Hollywood Cemetary

Hollywood Cemetary is a sprawling, beautiful self-proclaimed “outdoor museum.” This is the final resting place of presidents, a vampire and thousands of Confederate soldiers, so you know the stories here are great. Jump in on one of the daily tours and take water to drink as you walk.

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