The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Valencia

If you’re headed to Valencia you’re definitely going to want to taste all of the tapas, sample some paella and of course wash it all down with authentic sangria. But, there’s something particularly delicious about the best chicken wings in Valencia, too.

Sure, they’re not a part of traditional Spanish cuisine, but this Spanish city sure does a great job at cooking them up to perfection before dipping them in delicious sauces. Check out the seven best spots for chicken wings in Valencia to see for yourself.

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1. Portland Ale House

Who’d have guessed that one of the city’s hottest ale houses might also serve great chicken wings? Weird, right? Portland Ale House crafts lots of tasty pub fare, from thick, juicy burgers straight on through to their super saucy wings. You’ll find numerous locals and tourists alike who rave about their loaded nachos and savoury wings. Pair them both together with an ice-cold beer and you’re in for a real treat.

Best Chicken Wings In Valencia

2. Route 66

Route 66 is pretty popular amongst the expats in Valencia. Numerous Erasmus students head here on a weekly basis to indulge in some fairly-priced drinks and world-class chicken wings. They play American sports on the television and host lots of traditional American drinking games. So, rest assured that after a few rounds of beer pong or flip cup, you’ll definitely be ready to devour their delicious wings.

3. Bar & Kitchen

Tourists note that Bar & Kitchen serves some of the best sangria in the city. You’ll have to consult a local as to whether or not that’s true, but one thing is for certain…they serve some of the best chicken wings in Valencia here. Order them with some patatas bravas to balance out flavours and sauces. Wash them all down with a glass of sangria and you’ll be enjoying a nice, modern Spanish-American meal.

Best Chicken Wings In Valencia

4. Shahi Restaurante

With over 80 types of curry dishes and over 35 different appetizers to choose from, Shahi Restaurante is easily the best place for Indian food in Valencia. And, while that might not be the exact spot you’d think to find great chicken wings, they’re downright delicious here. Order their meat platter mixture, pictured below, which comes with an array of freshly grilled meats that are all tender and delicious.

5. Break & Trotter

As one of Valencia’s best BBQ joints, it’s easy to see how they serve up such great wings here. Their Korean BBQ-style wings are actually a fan favourite, however, as they come drenched in sauces and are cooked according to Korean traditions. On top of their scrumptious wings, they are also well-loved for the variety of different beers they have on tap. Wings and great beer? It doesn’t get much better!

Best Chicken Wings In Valencia

6. Burger Beer

Burger Beer is most well-known as being one of the best spots for a nice burger in Valencia. While gourmet burgers, massive hot dogs and craft beers make up most of their menu, they’ve got a small section for truly mouthwatering wings as well. Choose to order them grilled, fried or covered in sauce. Their Alitas del Valiente are for the brave. Go ahead…be brave and try them.

7. Big Mama

Big Mama serves street food in a super laidback setting. And, while you might find yourself tempted by their outrageously large and flavourful burgers, we recommend heading straight for the chicken wings. They serve up BBQ & Peanut wings which they dip in delicious BBQ sauce and then roll in real peanuts. The result is a uniquely flavourful wing that’s got a nice crunch to it. It’s so original and so, so tasty.

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