Chicken Wings In Louisiana

The 25 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Louisiana

Louisiana is home to some iconic foods, from its smokey barbecue fair to beignets, gumbo and all sorts of Creole and Southern flavours. In a nutshell, this is a state for food lovers. And in our eyes, it’s also a state for chicken wing lovers. The chicken wings in Louisiana are sinfully good, from local BBQ joints to sports bars.

Here’s our top picks…

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1. Blue Oak BBQ –  New Orleans

Blue Oak BBQ is called Louisiana’s most infamous BBQ for a reason. The joint has one of the spiciest BBQ in the entire state. Its combo plate order allows you to pick any 2 or 3 meats which you can enjoy with their amazing dipping and sauces. We suggest the smokey and flavoursome wings.

Blue Oak BBQ Chicken Wings

2. Empire Wingz – Baton Rouge

Empire Wingz has a lot of traction in its hometown of Baton Rouge. Ask anyone where to get some tasty wings and they’ll steer you towards here. It offers great wings that are deep fried, and come with BBQ sauce and creamy dipping for your delight.

3. Bayou Hot Wings – New Orleans

This wings joint has a new take on culinary ideas and knows how to cook chicken wings that are crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside. They make the sauces in-house in order to bring a unique taste to each juicy wing. Be sure to try their special Bayou hot wings that are famous in New Orleans.

Hot Wings and Tangy Lemon Pepper Wangs

4. Bourrée at Boucherie – New Orleans

This funky eatery started off as a food truck but soon grew into its permanent base, where you can gorge on fresh fruit daiquiris, po boy’s, hot boudin links, chicken wings and more, all rooted in Louisiana tradition. These really are some of the best wings in the city. 

New Orleans chicken wings

5. Bergeron’s Boudin & Cajun Meats of Shreveport – Shreveport

If you are into authentic Cajun flavours (and who isn’t?!), then Bergeron’s Boudin is the place to go. The restaurant is all about casual dining with bold flavours. They serve up some of the tastiest, crispiest wings in Shreveport that come with hot BBQ sauce.

6. Plucker’s Wing Bar – Baton Rouge

This chicken joint serves both boneless and bone-in chicken wings, with a variety of different sauces so that you’ll never get bored. Its Maple Chipotle and Hallelujah sauces are must-orders, as is the Ginger Peach Sriracha (exactly what it sounds like) and Asian sesame.

Chicken Wings In Louisiana

7. J’s Creole Wingery – New Orleans

The wings at this charming family restaurant are served in a classic style with fries and wrapped in newspaper. We will warn you: you’re going to need plenty of napkins for this sitting! They also create all of their own sauces from scratch, for yummy flavours.

Chicken Wings In Louisiana

8. KOK Wings and Things – Lafayette

KOK Wings and Things in Lafayette started in 2016 when the founders decided to show off their tasty chicken wings to the world. They offer boneless, breaded and bone-in chicken wings. The wings themselves are coated in a tangy seasoning that adds an extra level of deliciousness.

Chicken Wings In Louisiana

9. MoPho – New Orleans

MoPho offers great chicken wings with a number of unique sauces. The sauces include the lemongrass, ginger and Thai chili. They are coated in those wonderfully spicy, sweet and sticky sauces that marries with the plump fresh chicken meat perfectly. 

New Orelans Chicken wings

10. Sauce & Bones BBQ – Baton Rouge

This joint vows to bring quality and excellence to its barbecue food. And we can confirm, they’re succeeding. Sauce & Bones BBQ takes pride in offering some of the best quality chicken wings in town. They’re perfectly smokey with a real Southern flavour and juicy meat.

11. House O’ Soul – Lake Charles

The chicken wings here will fly straight to your soul! This charming local eatery has a special recipe for frying their chicken wings which involves smoking them prior to deep-frying them. This gives them the unique taste that Lake Charles locals rave about.

12. Fharmacy – New Orleans

Chef Nhat Nguyen and Chef Bobby Nguyen at this restaurant take care of your cravings by serving some of the best wings in Louisiana. The portions are all on the large size, so make sure you are hungry. Can you handle the heat? Their extra spicy “Emergency Room” wings are a challenge for all the spice lovers out there!

Lemongrass chicken wings

13. Kinfolks Wingz and Thingz – Monroe

This amazing restaurant serves the crispiest wings in all of Monroe. It’s nothing fancy, just good honest food. The wings here come with a tangy hot sauce and extra seasoning on top. One bite and you’ll be hitting this spot up again and again.

14. We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp – New Orleans

We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp is the home of the legendary “Wuzzam Wings” which they dip in buffalo sauce and then sprinkle a little lemon pepper on top. You’ll hear people talking about these addictively good wings anytime the conversation of where to find the best chicken wings in Louisiana pops up.

15. Fumbles Bar & Grill – Shreveport

Fumbles Bar & Grill is a cosy sports bar that knocks it out of the park with its chicken wings. They serve both boneless and bone-in wings that can be ordered in a number of different flavors, including Sweet BBQ, Spicy BBQ, Buffalo and many more!

16. Junction Bar & Grill – New Orleans

The Junction Bar’s jumbo wings have a special place in the hearts of the people of New Orleans. Take your fancy of various sauces, including Buffalo, or spicy Tijuana flavors. Share those wings around and wash them down with some delicious beer and you will be all set.

17. Manchu Food Store – New Orleans

This unique joint is part-fast food eatery, part-convenience store, and serves super tasty Chinese chicken wings with fries and shrimp fried rice. The wings either come extra crispy and crunchy or with a generous smothering of classic buffalo sauce. Both are divine.

18. The Blue Store – Baton Rouge

Haven’t been to The Blue Store in Baton Rouge yet? You’re missing out big time. The chicken wings at The Blue Store really are to die for. They cook up authentic, Southern fried chicken that its loyal customers insist is the tastiest in the entire state. Come see for yourself.

19. Daq’s Wings & Grill – Bossier City

This laidback wing bar has some of the best wings in Louisiana, that can all be ordered in different flavors and levels of spiciness. There’s eight droolworthy sauces to choose from, so come with friends and order ’em all. Highlights include the hot lemon pepper or garlic parmesan.

20. Wit’s Inn – New Orleans

The cosy inn has a real knack for classic comfort food on a whole new level, including their addictively good chicken wings. While people know Wit’s Inn best for its pizza, we suggest the wings. They’re nicely crunchy with BBQ sauce and creamy blue cheese to dip the juicy meat into.


21. TJ Ribs – Baton Rouge

The name ‘TJ Ribs’ might suggest they’re rib masters (and they are!), but the restaurant has a unique way with chicken wings as well. The chicken wings can be ordered in a number of flavors including smoked, jumbo ranch dressing and celery.  When it comes to delish wings in Louisiana, this place is always consistently great.

22. Amici Monroe – Monroe

Amici might be a chain, but the quality of the food here never fails for a hearty feast. There’s all sorts of tempting bites to eat here, but you won’t want to miss out on the wings. They come in a range of six different flavours and your choice of blue cheese or ranch.

23. Daquiri Run on 61 – Metairie

This restaurant has a great casual dining experience and an amazing staff. The chicken wings at this restaurant are hot, crispy and fresh. You can order them naked or all sauced-up with BBQ sauce, Smoked BBQ and ranch.

Chicken Wings In Louisiana

24. Captain La Fish & Chicken – Bossier City

This low-key counter service joint in Bossier City fries up all sorts of tasty eats, from catfish to big, jumbo wings. The chicken wings are deep-fried and served instantly so you can enjoy the fresh crispiness that makes these chicken wings so yummy.

Chicken Wings In Louisiana

25. Laketown Bar & Grill – Kenner

Laketown’s signature hot wings are deep fried until extra crispy and then tossed in your favourite sauces. Choose from flavours such as Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Buffalo, Mild Buffalo, Teryiaki and many more. Louisiana foodies drive out of their way just to get an order of these beauties.

Chicken Wings In Louisiana

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