7 of the Best Bookshops in New Orleans

New Orleans is famous for its independent art galleries, buzzing jazz bars and incredible local food. In addition to all that, however, the Big Easy is also a great place to find your next big read. From cosy indy bookshops with hardcovers piled to the ceiling to quirky neighbourhood bookstores, here are the best bookshops in New Orleans.

7 of the Best Bookshops in New Orleans


1. Crescent City Books

This two-story bookshop is the epitome of a vintage bookworm aesthetic. The two-story bookshop, which has been sitting on Chartres since the 90s, is famous for its wide variety of antique, out of print and rare books; some of which span back 500 years. In addition to some of the most unique books around, it’s the perfect spot to find centuries-old maps, engraving and more.


2. Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop

This locally owned independent bookshop on N Anthony is famous for its quirky and friendly atmosphere, amazing staff and a wide range of books. Whether you’re just looking to browse for an afternoon or are after something specific, Tubby & Coo’s is always ready to help. Especially when it comes to their specialities like science fiction, queer and diverse books.


3. Octavia Books

Tucked away on a street of the same name in Uptown New Orleans, Octavia Books is one of the most beloved in the city. Unlike so many others, Octavia Books boasts a super sleek and sophisticated style. It’s also incredibly modernised making it easy to find specific books. Not only that, but Octavia is known for its great lineup of showcasing regional and national authors face to face, so be sure to keep an eye on their upcoming events and signings.


4. Arcadian Books & Art Prints

In the heart of the French Quarter off Orleans Ave, you’ll find Arcadian Books & Art Prints. Famous for its wide variety of French language publications and variety of foreign reads, there’s lots to discover here. You could easily spend the entire afternoon browsing the endless stacks of books, some inching near the ceiling.

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5. Beckham’s Bookshop

Perched on the French Quarter’s Decatur Street, Beckham’s Bookshop is one of the most famous in the city. And it’s not hard to see why. Since 1967, Beckham’s has been providing the fine people of NOLA with thousands of used books, around 50 thousand to be exact, ranging from many topics. In addition to an incredible used book collection spread across a two-story house, you’ll find a great lineup of classical LPs and CDs. And be sure to keep an eye out for the resident cat and fellow bookworm, Juniper.

6. Faulkner House Books

Right on Pirates Alley you’ll find one of New Orleans’ best bookstores. Named after the William Faulkner who once lived in New Orleans, Faulkner House Books specialises in the author’s works along with a hefty load of rare editions and fine literature. The bookshop is located on the ground floor of the house Faulkner once resided in just a hop away from St. Louis Cathedral.


7. Garden District Bookshop

Located inside the historic Rink property where Washington Ave and Prytania Street meet, is the Garden District Bookshop. Nestled in one of New Orleans’ most beautiful and charming districts, the Garden District, the bookshop has a lot to brag about in addition to its incredible book selection. Inside you’ll find a whole host of new and used books and topics ranging from fiction to art and gardening and beyond.


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