The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Los Angeles

Ah, the City of Angels. It’s the mecca for most foodies interested in sampling everything from great ramen to perfectly-roasted coffee and even some of the finest craft cocktails in the city.

Honestly, even if you’re not a foodie, you’ll find that there’s a lot to do in Los Angeles as a tourist. And, you’ll find that any trip to LA is likely so jam-packed that at the end of the day all you want to do is kick back and enjoy a cold craft beer with your friends.

Sure, you could check out the best bars in Los Angeles, but the craft beer scene is so quality that it’d be a sin to miss out on a cheeky brew or two at a trendy bar. You’re definitely spoiled for choice here, but here are seven of the best craft beer bars in Los Angeles to try during your next visit.

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1. Mohawk Bend

It really doesn’t get much trendier than this. Mohawk Bend simply delivers on all fronts, including decor and flavour. This former vaudeville theatre now acts as one of the best craft beer bars in Los Angeles. Thirsty locals and tourists alike stop by for visits filled with free-flowing beer from the 72 taps featuring exclusively California brews. As if that weren’t enough, there’s tons of tasty pizza and vegan food to treat yourself to, too.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Los Angeles

2. Father’s Office

Father’s Office has been a local Los Angeles staple for a while. While locals know and love the name, it’s the Santa Monica bar that’s going to be your craft beer destination for the evening. They’ve got 36 taps featuring mostly West Coast brews. Indulge in everything from sour ales and full-bodied East Coast IPAs. Pair it with their famous Office Burger and you’ll be headed straight to foodie heaven.

3. Mikkeller DTLA

The famous Mikkeller microbrewery that originated in Copenhagen now has two locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Suffice to say, if you ever come across a Mikkeller Bar, head inside! The Los Angeles location is smack dab in the heart of downtown, making it an ideal stop for travellers looking for a tasty afternoon break. Don’t expect anything traditional apart from the somewhat minimalist decor; beers are inventive and pretty experimental.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Los Angeles

4. Phantom Carriage

Phantom Carriage takes the beer-flavoured cake in terms of concept and decor. While it’s located in the South Bay, we’d still consider it to be one of the best beer bars in Los Angeles. It gets its name from a 1921 Swedish horror film, and the decor fits the bill. It’s done up like a haunted house of sorts, complete with a small theatre where you can kick back with a brew and watch a horror flick any day of the week.

Unique Bars in Los Angeles

5. The Surly Goat

Ryan Sweeney made headlines as LA’s first certified Cicerone, so you know that anything you taste at The Surly Goat is going to be out of this world. While there’s a location in Encino as well, the West Hollywood spot is definitely the one we’d suggest to travellers. With 27 rotating taps pouring some of the most coveted craft beers in the country, we’d bet on the fact that you’ll both try something new and find a new favourite every single time you visit.

6. Modern Times Dankness Dojo

Looking for a great spot for a nice date night or relaxing chat with friends? Modern Times’ industrial yet vibrant and chic decor is the perfect setting for a nice night out in Los Angeles. What’s so special about their craft beers is that they’ve got about 20 special release beers on tap at any given time. We’re talking really special, like stouts aged in bourbon barrels. Pair that with the all-vegan menu and it’s easy to see what makes it one of the best craft beer bars in Los Angeles.

7. Daily Pint

Serving up about 30 brews on tap and some seriously divey vibes, the Daily Pint might not be what you’d originally expected from the glitz and glamour of the City of Angels. However, just trust us on this one. It seems like a college bar but it’s actually a quality craft beer bar in disguise. Go on a brew-filled journey from Ireland to Belgium and all the way back to California. They serve it all (even great whiskey).

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