Best Craft Beer Bars In Orlando

The 7 Best Craft Beer Bars In Orlando

Even though most visitors head to Orlando in search of Mickey and Minnie, there’s more to this Florida city than simply Disney World and Universal Studios. And, if you do happen to be travelling to Orlando just to enjoy time at Disney, chances are you’ll soon need an adult-friendly break from all of the madness.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with our list of the best craft beer bars in Orlando. They’re like the best bars in the city, only 100% geared towards delicious local, national and international craft brews.

Here, they’re serving everything from milky stouts to sour hazes and even some of the country’s tastiest IPAs. Visit each and every one of the best craft beer bars in Orlando for a tasty, well-deserved treat.

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1. Bloodhound Brew

More than a mere beer bar, Bloodhound Brew is a local pub, craft beer bar and eatery all rolled into one unique spot. And, they’re known for serving some uniquely flavoured brews. Stop by for weekend brunch and stay well into the afternoon so you can try a few of their best beers and then move onto tasty cocktails, a thicky, juicy burger or even a glass of wine. In short, you can get whatever you’re craving here.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Orlando

2. GB’s Bottle Shop and Tasting Bar

With 20 different, truly tantalising beers on tap here, you GB’s is a great place if you’re interested in relaxing somewhere where you can slowly sip a glass of something delicious. Currently, for example, they’re offering up a Double Milk Imperial Stout and a Scotch Ale called French Toast Bastard. Expect unique options like that but times ten when browsing their bottle offerings. It’s a beer lover’s paradise here.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Orlando

3. Half Barrell Beer Project

Modern, sleek and fun, the Half Barrell Beer Project is the place you’d head with a few friends if you’re looking for some classy fun. As the name suggests, they brew up small batches of their own beer here using a half-barrel system. They offer it in their taproom along with other carefully selected brews from Florida and beyond. Definitely sample anything they’ve brewed. Currently, they’ve got a Blackberry Kettle Sour with coconut and pineapple flavours. Yum.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Orlando

4. House of Beer

Premium craft beers, great wines and some fantastic happy hour specials all help make House of Beer one of the best craft beer bars in Orlando. Locals love the spot and it’s in part due to the fact that they’ve got nearly 50 beers on tap to choose from. And, seeing as they offer such fantastic deals most days of the week, you’ll absolutely be able to work your way through all of them probably sooner rather than later. Their tap list is varied as well, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

5. Broken Strings Brewery

After branching out on their own following a few years of working with another local brewery, Broken Strings Brewery is back offering their brews up solo style. The music-inspired brewery and taproom are well worth a visit simply for the unique decor and fabulous tunes. And, after one sip of their fantastic brews, it’ll be even harder to break yourself away from the irresistible allure of this spot.

6. The Thirsty Topher

Warm, welcoming and fun, The Thirsty Topher offers guests a truly enchanting atmosphere. It’s relaxing here yet never boring; it’s lively yet classy. In short, it’s one of Orlando’s best beer bars. And, they’ve got nearly 25 rotating beers on tap to keep you busying sampling one after the other. From a s’mores flavoured Imperial Stout to something called Riot Juice (a delectably sour beer), you’ll be able to treat yourself to flavours here you can’t find anywhere else.

Best Craft Beer Bars In Orlando

7. Ten 10 Brewing Company

From the decor to the service, Ten 10 Brewing Company feels like nothing more than just a quality, hometown bar. And, that’s what makes the spot so great. As both a brewery and a taproom, you can rest assured that the folks here know exactly what they’re talking about when offering up flavour suggestions. Sample something called Black Gold, which is a White Sout with dark Belgian chocolate and Orlando local Lineage coffee.

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