Where to Eat Cuban Food in Florida

The 25 Best Cuban Restaurants In Florida

While it might be one of the most concentrated hubs for this cultural cuisine, the best Cuban restaurants in the state of Florida extend well beyond the borders of Miami. From Jacksonville all the way down to Key West, we wanted to scour the state in search of the best Cuban restaurants.

After ranking the 25 Best Cuban Restaurants in the United States, we found that our readers had a lot to say about the quality of Cuban food just in Florida alone. So, why stop at just one city? The entire state of Florida is bursting with Cuban flavour from top to bottom.

We looked to our audience for suggestions on where to find the best Cuban tamales, Medianoches, Ropa Vieja and more. The results show that the entire state is filled with so many quality places to eat that you might as well book a foodie road trip across all of Florida

Check out our top picks for the 25 best Cuban restaurants in Florida you absolutely have to hit up if you’re travelling through the state.

Looking for more city-specific guides? Check out our guides to the best cuban restaurants in Miami and Tampa.

Best Cuban Restaurants In FloridaHow do these rankings work?

25th. Rey’s Cuban Cafe – Orlando

Whether you’re looking to dip your foot into the world of Cuban cuisine for the first time or you’re looking for a true taste of home, we’re willing to bet that the delightful dishes at Rey’s Cuban Cafe will curb your cravings. Ropa Vieja and Vaca Frita are two of their most mouthwatering dishes, but really anything here is filled with authenticity. They’ve even got quality Cuban bread and pastries to take home with you.

24th. The Floridian – Tampa

The Floridian is home to one of Tampa’s best Cuban sandwiches, amongst many other delightful, authentic dishes. The exterior of the restaurant is bright and vibrant, and the flavours that fill the plates are just as exhilarating. Their Cuban sandwich truly is a must when you visit. They mix together the finest ham, spiced pork, Genoa salami, imported Swiss cheese, dill pickle, mustard, and mayo. Then, they place it on fresh Cuban bread. Absolutely delicious.

23rd. Havana Spice – Homestead

A meal at Havana Spice begins with toasted Cuban bread and butter. Munch on that as you prepare to tantalise your tastebuds and introduce them to authentic Cuban flavours. Portions here are huge, which is great seeing as you’re going to want to get as much of their croquetas, Cubanos, and Palomilla possible. Honestly, just order one of everything on the menu just to be safe.

22nd. La Viña Aragon – Hialeah

Locals rave about the Cuban flavours that overflow from the dishes at La Viña Aragon. If you’re passing through Miami-Dade County, it’s best to make a detour in Hialeah. There, you can treat yourself to an irresistible meal of Vaca Frita. There are, of course, other top dishes on the menu, but we suggest starting with the Vaca Frita.

21st. Cuban Sandwiches To Go – Orlando

Cuban Sandwiches To Go is so authentic that, if you only speak English, you might find yourself struggling to order. Eating here feels like eating at your abuela’s house in Havana, and it’s exactly those vibes that make it one of the best Cuban restaurants in Florida. And, as you can guess, their specialty is their mouthwatering, pressed to perfection Cuban sandwiches. Head here hungry and sample a Medianoche and a Pan Con Timba. They’re both delightful.

20th. Palomilla Grill – Miami

Palomilla Grill has been serving authentic Cuban food to locals since 1975. And, while their entire menu is worth a look, it’s their sirloin that’s what you really have to taste test for yourself. Palomilla is a mouthwatering Cuban steak that’s packed full of flavour and served with juicy sauteed onions on top. Simply put, it’s one of the best things you’ll ever taste, and you should definitely head to Palomilla Grill to do so.

19th. It’s A Cubano B – Pompano Beach

If you find yourself travelling from Palm Beach down to Miami, stop off at It’s A Cubano B for one of the best Cuban sandwiches in the state. This scaled-back sandwich stop offers laid back vibes and quality, all set in a locale that’s just a hop and a skip away from the beach. This spot’s perfect for travellers looking for something quick yet tasty. Drop in for breakfast, then grab a few Cubanos and head to the beach for the afternoon.

Best Cuban Sandwich in Florida

18th. Little Cuban Cafe – Dania Beach

Little Cuban Cafe is one of the cosiest places in Dania Beach to stop off for a hot coffee with friends. Once you’re there you can treat yourself to an array of Cuban classics. On Wednesdays their special is Picadillo, which is well worth the visit. However, their daily specials any day of the week are all delicious. Ox tail stew anyone?

17th. Puerto Sagua – Miami

This no-frills restaurant has been serving Cuban favourites since 1962. Here, you’ll find Cuban comfort food staples ranging from Ropa Vieja straight through to the famous Cuban sandwich. While they prepare everything to perfection, you simply can’t miss out on the chance to indulge in their breakfast. Head here early for strong Cuban cafecitos and a few pastelitos. Then, go back for lunch. You’ll be craving it enough for sure.

16th. La Segunda Bakery and Cafe – Tampa

From Yelp to TripAdvisor and even straight from the mouths of locals, everybody thinks La Segunda Bakery and Cafe is one of the best Cuban restaurants in Tampa. It’s the slow-baked bread that seems to attract the large crowds, as it’s the tastiest bread you’ll find in all of Tampa. And, anything they make with their savoury bread tastes just as heavenly, too. This includes some of the best Cuban sandwiches in the city.

Best Cuban Sandwich in Tampa

15th. La Carreta – Miami

Sure, it might be a chain, but that doesn’t mean hungry travellers can’t get a real taste of Cuba when they’re passing through Miami. While it’s perhaps due to the sheer convenience of numerous locations across the city, La Carreta remained one of the best Cuban restaurants in Florida even after speaking with a few locals. Head to the coffee window to order a Cuban cafecito and some sweet pastelitos in the morning. Then, visit again for lunch to enjoy a lunch full of plantains, rice, beans and more.

14th. Metropol Restaurant – Miami

There is some debate as to whether Metropol Restaurant is truly Cuban or Puerto Rican. And, seeing as their menu is about 50/50 split, offering nearly equal amounts of both Puerto Rican and Cuban food, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in the US, but also one of the best Cuban restaurants in Florida. Their Bistec de Palomilla is bursting with Cuban flavours while their Pudin Diplomatico is undeniably Cuban as well.

13th. Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine – Boca Raton

Padrino’s is a third generation family-owned chain of Cuban restaurants. And, as each generation has added their own unique flavour and style to their creations, their menu has been ever-evolving to feature some delightfully classic, traditional plates with a flare. This is definitely one of the best Cuban restaurants in Florida if you’re looking for classic Cuban recipes mixed with modern craft cocktails. It’s the perfect combination.

12th. Havana Harry’s – Miami

Havana Harry’s is where you go if you’re looking to enjoy a full night out paired with some tantalising Cuban food and music. Cosy little nooks are tucked away in corners of the restaurant, and the rustic decor makes it feel trendy and inviting. While the restaurant might seem a little modern and mainstream, the food features the same authentic, traditional tastes you’d expect of any great Cuban restaurant in America.

Cuban Food in Miami Havana Harrys

11th. Mambos Cuban Cafe – Jacksonville

Mambos Cuban Cafe is the perfect combination of modern cooking techniques and quality Cuban recipes. They even note that their work is to combine their passion for the culinary arts and their homemade, time-honoured recipes to craft a menu that’s a  vibrant representation of authentic Cuban fare. And, that’s really what they’ve accomplished. Each dish is bursting with flavour straight from the island, whether you’re sampling a simple sandwich, tostones, or Bistec.

Where to Eat Cuban Food in Florida

10th. Cubano’s by Mario – Fort Lauderdale

Stepping into the elegant space that is Cubano’s by Mario immediately takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the city and into a relaxed setting. Formerly known as Mario’s Catalina, this trendy Fort Lauderdale restaurant has since re-opened, serving authentic Cuban food that’s skillfully prepared to taste. Indulge in a strong mojito or cosy cup of sangria. Then, prepare to devour a mouthwatering plate of their sampler platter. It features everything you know and love.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Florida

9th. Cafe La Trova – Miami

Cuban croquetas are one of life’s most decadent treasures and Cafe La Trova in Miami serves them nearly just as good as what you’d find on the actual island. This restaurant is one of Miami’s hottest spots where friends and family gather to sip cocktails and enjoy live music. It’s this combination of vibrant culture and exciting entertainment that makes the spot so hot. But, it’s the Cuban food, and the croquetas more specifically, that keep guests heading back for more.

Best Cuban Croquetas in Miami

8th. Old Cuban Cafe – Orlando

Local Cubans in Orlando once rated Old Cuban Cafe as one of the most authentic Cuban restaurants in Orlando. So, don’t let the strip mall location fool you. Step one foot inside of this quality eatery and you’ll feel as if you’re about to head straight to Havana for quite a feast. Stop by when they’ve got live music going on. Then, settle in for a savoury meal of Palomilla Encebollada or Vaca Frita. Top it all off with a tasty Colada and you’ll be totally set for the evening.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Florida

7th. El Mago de Las Fritas – Miami

If you’ve never tried a Cuban burger before then you’re in for a truly tasty treat at El Mago de Las Fritas. Cuban burgers, which are made up of ground beef or chorizo and then topped with potato sticks, are the specialty here. They’ve perfected this age-old recipe and know how to season the beef and pork to create such a delightful explosion of traditional flavours. You’ll be addicted after just the first bite.

6th. Columbia Restaurant – Tampa

This Tampa hotspot is famous for being the oldest restaurant in Florida and the oldest Spanish restaurant in the United States. So, it’s worth a visit just to enjoy the historic charm of Columbia Restaurant. However, their Cuban fusion menu showcases traditional classics with a bit of a Spanish flair. Yes, it might not be 100% authentic. But, everything from their mojitos to their mouthwatering Palomilla is oozing with flavours you’d find on the streets of Havana.

Cuban Food in Tampa

5th. Zaza New Cuban Diner – Orlando

For travellers looking to indulge in a bit of modern Cuban comfort food, Zaza New Cuban Diner is without a doubt one of the best Cuban restaurants in Florida for you. It’s clear that they select only the finest ingredients when crafting their dishes with care. And, you’ll find that their menu highlights Cuban classics and other traditional dishes with a twist. Their Kiss the Pig, for example, is a delicious take on the American BLT using Cuban sweet Medianoche bread.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Florida

4th. La Rosa – Miami

For over fifty years, La Rosa has been serving delectable Cuban dishes to hungry diners. Upscale dining fuses with traditional flavours to create a magical culinary experience quite unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. From their traditional Ropa Vieja straight through to mouthwateringly golden Mariquitas and delicious flan, there’s nothing here that’s not going to take you all the way to foodie heaven.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Miami

3rd. La Teresita – Tampa

This family-run eatery specialises in serving a full menu of Cuban delights, ranging from tasty yuca appetisers and black bean soup on through to the famous Lechon Asado and delectable Ropa Vieja. While the latter is a favourite amongst the locals, we suggest heading here hungry to sample more than one thing on the menu. Take your tastebuds on a tour through Cuba and order one of everything. You won’t regret it.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Tampa

2nd. Havana Restaurant – West Palm Beach

Looking for the best Cuban sandwich in Palm Beach County? You’ll find it at Havana Restaurant. This family-owned restaurant has been dishing out delectable dishes made from generations of family recipes for nearly three decades. Their history might have begun in Cuba, but they’ve worked hard to infuse it into their local Florida life. While we highly recommend checking out their Cuban sandwich, it’s the perfectly shredded beef in their Ropa Vieja, drizzled in a delectable sauce, that’s really got our mouths watering.

Best Cuban Restaurants in Florida

1st. Versailles Restaurant – Miami

Versailles Restaurant is known as one of the oldest Cuban restaurants in the country. And, our readers seem to agree that they’re the best in Florida, at least if you’re from out of town and looking for an interesting experience. Despite there being so many quality Cuban restaurants in Miami, Versailles Restaurant wins out in terms of flavour and authenticity. From their delectable Ropa Vieja to the mouthwatering way in which their fried sweet plantains practically melt in your mouth, there’s nothing here that’s not going to evoke sensations of Cuba.

Where to Eat Cuban Food in America

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