The 7 Best Donuts In Dallas

Dallas is home to a variety of different foodie scenes. From some of Texas’ best vegan restaurants to delightful ice cream parlours, anything you desire is within reach at this bustling North Texas city. However, it’s the donuts in Dallas that we’re after today.

Delicious, delectable, and delightfully sweet, the best donuts in Dallas are just about as big as the state of Texas itself. And, the best part is that they’re all crafted perfectly to balance an array of wonderful flavours that extend well past the traditional glazed and sprinkled donuts.

Fancy a sweet treat? Head to any one of these spots to indulge in the best donuts in Dallas. You won’t regret it.

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1. Sweet Daze Dessert Bar

We recently ranked Sweet Daze Dessert Bar as having one of the most Instagrammable desserts in the world. So, not only can you enjoy some of the best donuts in Dallas here, but everything is extremely photogenic. Their colourful drinks are a hit, but their delectable donuts seem to be even more popular. It’s probably because they’re topped with soft-serve ice cream and drizzle with delicious toppings.

Best Donuts in Dallas

2. Hypnotic Donuts

Serving up everything from vegan donuts and chicken biscuits to over-the-top, delicious freak donuts, Hypnotic Donuts has been a Dallas donut staple since they opened nearly ten years ago. If you’re looking for a glazed donut, you might be able to find it here, but it’s their more creative creations that are true hits. Try the Evil Elvis, for example. It comes doused in peanut butter and is topped with bananas, honey, and bacon.

Best Donut Shops in Dallas Fort Worth

3. Hurts Donut

Not only is Hurts Donut where you’ll find some of the best donuts in Dallas, but they’re also all incredibly Instagrammable. Colourful, iced donuts line the walls of this hotspot. And, they all taste just as good as they look. They’re open 24 hours a day, which adds to the appeal of the place. And, at just $12 for a dozen of some of the most well-crafted, delicious donuts in the country, you’re definitely going to want to stop by at all hours.

Tastiest Donuts in Dallas

4. Urban Donut

Have you ever been to a design your own donut bar? Now you can. At Urban Donut, you can design the donut of your dreams. First, you’ll choose from a base, such as red velvet, blueberry cake, or numerous others. Then, you get to pick the filling, frosting, icing, and toppings. It sounds amazing, and it truly is. But, you’ve got to be careful because the creations are absolutely addicting.

5. FunkyTown Donuts

Okay, so we know we’re cheating a bit with this one, as FunkyTown Donuts’ two locations are both in Fort Worth. But, if you’re travelling through Dallas, it’s well worth the trip west on I-30 just to taste the donuts here. They rotate their flavours weekly, ensuring that you can always try a fresh new gourmet donut each time you visit. Some recent favourites, however, include Pumpkin Stuff, Winter Tart, and Thai Tea.

6. Jarams Donuts

The donuts at Jarams are so well-crafted that they almost taste as if they belong in a fine dining establishment as part of the dessert menu. Enjoy artisanal donuts here that are all handcrafted to preserve quality and taste. Their menu is quite varied, as they offer the regular Average Joe donuts and Special Donuts such as creme brulee and maple bacon. However, their croissant donuts are a must if you’ve got the room for them.

7. Earnest Donuts

Cronuts, or croissant donuts, are all the rage right now. And, few places do them better than the one you’ll find at Earnest Donuts. Enjoy it glazed or try the cinnamon-sugar option. Both are delicious, especially when paired with any of the other mouthwatering donuts they offer. It doesn’t matter what you order, everything here deserves a spot on the list of the best donuts in Dallas.

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