Best Filipino Restaurants in the United States

7 Of The Best Filipino Restaurants In Los Angeles

Hungry for a taste of the Philippines? Los Angeles is home to quite the foodie culture, and it extends to include numerous great Filipino restaurants, too.

And, seeing as Filipino food is so unique and diverse, you’ll find an intriguing variety of dishes from various parts of the Philippine archipelago. However, there are a few staples that you can get pretty much anywhere you go.

Lechón, which is similar to Puerto Rican and Cuban food, is a delectable whole roasted pig. You’ll also find lots of longganisa, which is Philippine sausage, torta omelettes and so much more. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? We’re practically drooling already.

Check out our list of seven of the best Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles. And, drop us a comment if you think there’s any place we missed.

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1. The Park’s Finest

We’ll start this list off with something that will appeal to those who love Filipino food and those who’ve never tried it before. Amongst locals in Los Angeles, it’s pretty unanimous that The Park’s Finest is home to the city’s best Filipino BBQ. Sauce drips from the ribs here, which we suggest ordering as a mere starter on your way to sampling the coconut beef and tri-tip.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Los Angeles

2. Bamboo Bistro

Head to Panorama City to indulge in some of the best Filipino food in Los Angeles. And, in typical Filipino fashion, you’ll note that everything here is served in excess, which, honestly, we’re not complaining about. Graze your way through traditional dishes than extend to include pork isaw skewers, kare-kare, and more. Your mouth will be watering in no time.

3. Lilian’s Bread & Sweets

For a place that sounds more like a local bakery than anything else, Lilian’s Bread & Sweets serves up a surprisingly delectable array of fine Filipino dishes. Sure, they have bake some of the best hopia in the entire state of California, but it’s their other dishes that have us drooling all over the place. We suggest this as your go-to spot for Filipino takeaway. Kain na tayo!

4. LA Rose Cafe

While their website focuses more on their catering functions, LA Rose Cafe has repeatedly been ranked as one of the best Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles by locals and visitors alike. The plates are always bursting with traditional flavours and the preparation is about as close to authentic as you’ll find outside of the Philippines.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Los Angeles

5. Kusina Filipina

Expect nothing but the finest of flavours and preparation when dining at Kusina Filipina. Dishes such as pinakbet and chicken adobo are cooked to perfection on a pretty consistent basis. This local hotspot is a favourite especially amongst Filipino-Americans who love the modern culinary techniques thrown into traditional dishes here.

6. Ma’am Sir

Rattan-covered light fixtures illuminate the chic, trendy space that is Ma’am Sir. The restaurant manages to feel both traditional and trendy at the same time, and the dishes evoke the same kind of feelings of modern and authentic. They specialise in modern Filipino comfort food, which is a great place to start if you’re new to the cuisine. The pork sisig and tart ribeye salpicao are especially great places to begin your flavourful tour of Filipino food in LA.


We’ve purposely saved one of the absolute best Filipino restaurants in Los Angeles for last. We wanted to get you good and hungry before presenting to you the cream of the crop…LASA. The Filipino dishes are prepared seemingly according to tradition while using traditional recipes and local Southern California ingredients. It’s this fusion, and the endless attention to detail, that make this a delightful place to dive into Pinoy cuisine.

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