Best Filipino Restaurants In Manila

The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In Manila

Did you know that in the Philippine archipelago you can find over a hundred different ethno-linguistic groups? It’s what makes Filipino food so unique and diverse. However, there are a few staples that you can get pretty much anywhere you go.

Lechón, which is similar to Puerto Rican and Cuban food, is a delectable whole roasted pig. You’ll also find lots of longganisa, which is Philippine sausage, torta omelettes and so much more. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? If you’re island hopping through the Philippines then there are few better places to dive into the local cuisine than in Manila.

Hungry for a taste of Filipino culture? Check out the seven best Filipino restaurants in Manila to soothe your cravings.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Manila

1. Manam Comfort Filipino

From their famous House Crispy Sisig to a delightfully delicious Pancit Palabok and Buko Pie at their cafe location, Manama is the spot to go if you’re craving traditional yet modern Filipino food. Everything here is prepared to perfection and bursting with authentic flavours. However, their unique, modern cooking methods puts a unique spin on everything they do. Check out Manam Cafe for coffee, desserts, and pastries too.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Manila

2. Sentro 1771

In terms of modern Filpino cuisine, Sentro 1771 prides themselves on being one of the first Filipino restaurants in Manila to offer modern spins on classic dishes. When visiting Manila, visiting this elegant yet relaxed restaurant is a must. You’ll easily devour their most famous dish,  Sinigang na Corned Beef, in no time. You’ll see the dish served at other places, but it originated here and it’s the absolute best.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Manila

3. Abe

The food at Abe focuses on Kapampangan favorites, mainly, while also serving other top-notch gourmet fare. The restaurant itself offers upscale surroundings and superb service. However, it’s the inventive dishes that make this one of the best Filipino restaurants in Manila. Everything features an artist’s or writer’s storyline behind it, creating for a unique dining experience that feels more like an immersive, flavourful storybook than anything else.

Where to Get Authentic Filipino Food in Manila

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4. Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

We recently ranked Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant as one of the most romantic restaurants in Manila. However, the cultural heritage house setting, the live local music, and the undeniably authentic dishes make it one of the best places to sample Filipino food as well. More than just serving tasty local dishes, they offer guests a full Filipino experience. And, that’s something you won’t find every where you dine here.

5. Bistro Remedios

Head over to Remedios Circle to indulge in some of the best Filipino food in the entire city. Bistro Remedios offers guests a chic venue, superbly crafted Filipino cuisine and dose of local culture. The restaurant offers a lot of variety, making it a great spot for those new to Filipino food to sample a little bit of everything. Make sure to try their spicy gising-gising soup or their kare-kare stew.

Best Filipino Food in the Philippines

6. Romulo Cafe

When visiting the city of Manila, it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to check out Romulo Cafe. Not only are they famous for serving some of the best old-fashioned Filipino comfort food in the city, but they’ve also got a lot of tasty vegetarian dishes on their menu. As the restaurant is family-owned, you’ll also notice that a lot of the dishes are cooked using family recipes. So, it doesn’t get quite much more authentic than that.

7. Mesa

Last, and most certainly not least, Mesa is easily one of the best Filipino restaurants in Manila. Locals and tourists alike flock to this trendy restaurant to indulge in the innovative Filipino food they serve. From the mouthwatering Crispchon to the delightfully crispy tilapia, everything here is full of flavours both traditional and modern. It’s the perfect blend they’ve created that makes it all so irresistibly tasty.

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