The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants In Manila

Manila is a charming Filipino city located on the island of Luzon. Wander through any part of the city and you’ll undoubtedly stumble upon some unique blend of classic Spanish colonial architecture and stunning skyscrapers. 

It’s this fusion of old and new, classic and modern that really makes Manila a charming place to visit, and the most romantic restaurants in Manila certainly embody that same spirit. In fact, when it comes to romantic places in Manila, you might feel so overwhelmed with choice that you don’t even know where to begin.

We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a simple intimate dinner with your significant other or are looking for the perfect place to pop the question, here are the seven most romantic restaurants in Manila to help you plan your evening.

Most Romantic Restaurants In ManilaHow do these rankings work?

1. La Cabrera

Cosy up in a cute little corner of La Cabrera because you’re about to fall in love all over again. This quaint Manila restaurant is the perfect spot for a date night in the Philippines. Comfy leather couches and quiet corners await.

romantic restaurants in manila

2. Blackbird

Chic-casual is a great way to describe Blackbird, one of Manila’s most romantic restaurants. Infused with aviation themes and decor, Blackbird is the kind of place you’d go for a special date. It’s casual enough to help you relax but not so luxurious that it’s over the top.

Most Romantic Restaurants in Manila Philippines

3. Harbor View Restaurant

Few things are more romantic than elegant seaside views and singing cooks who work to create a magical experience for every guest who enters. That’s what you can expect at Harbor View Restaurant. And elegant interior spills out onto a beautifully-lit deck where you can enjoy delicious food and a warm sea breeze.

4. Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant

This is one of the most romantic restaurants in Manila if you’re looking to enjoy a classic mix of cultural heritage and modern cuisine. There are plenty of heritage houses turned restaurants in Manila, but this is the one to visit if you’re after intimate tables and somewhat of a luxurious feel. Live music and performances further enhance the elegant nature of this romantic place.

5. Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant

This modern Japanese restaurant is set against a lush garden setting where elegant furniture and glass walls create one of the most romantic atmospheres in all of Manila. From the lighting to the delectable dishes, there’s nothing about this 5-star restaurant that doesn’t ooze passion and intrigue.

6. NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge

12 kilometres northeast of Manila you’ll find Quezon City. And, while it’s not in the centre of Manila, it’s worth a visit, especially for a romantic evening at NINYO. From outdoor private gazebos to a wine list featuring 100 of the world’s best wines, NINYO is the perfect setting for any romantic evening. There have been many a proposal here, and it’s easy to see why. Lush gardens await you – just be sure to bring a lock to hang on their special love lock wall.

7. Top of the Citi by Chef Jessie

Sweeping city views, twinkling night lights, and some of the most well-prepared food in the country work to make this chic restaurant one of the most romantic places to spend the evening in Manila. Head up to this 34th-floor restaurant for an enchanting evening full of irresistible food and even more awe-inspiring views. You’ll fall in love all over again.

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