Best Filipino Restaurants In Quezon City

The 7 Best Filipino Restaurants In Quezon City

If you’re travelling to the Philippines and are interested in sampling the local cuisine, you’ll find lots of great Filipino restaurants in Manila. However, venturing outside of the capital city in any country is often a great way to ensure you’re indulging in truly local, authentic food.

Filipino food is so unique and diverse, you’ll find an intriguing variety of dishes from various parts of the Philippine archipelago. Lechón is a delectable whole roasted pig. You’ll also find lots of longganisa, which is Philippine sausage, torta omelettes and so much more. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? We’re practically drooling already.

Travelling to the Philippines and looking to get your fix of the local cuisine? Venture just a bit outside of Metro Manila and make your way up north for fine food. Check out our picks for seven of the best Filipino restaurants in Quezon City.

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1. Ombu Kusina

Ombu Kusina is a modern Filipino restaurant at the elegant Sequoia Hotel. The menu allows visitors the chance to enjoy a unique take on traditional Filipino cuisine infused with popular dishes from other countries like Salted Egg Tempura, Sardine Penne and Tinapa Croquette. The result is a fantastic dining experience that lets you explore traditional Filipino flavours while sampling other cuisines in the region.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Quezon City


SALU is one of the best Filipino restaurants in Quezon City for visitors looking to sample a variety of dishes from all over the country. This means that whether you’re interested in try Brazo de Kalabasa, Strawberry Sinigang or even a sweet dessert, you can travel to Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao without ever leaving Quezon City. Expect full flavours and great service on top of the variety, too.

3. Romulo Cafe

Romulo Cafe made our list of the best Filipino restaurants in Manila. However, they’ve got a location in Quezon City as well. And, you can’t pass up the chance to indulge. They’re famous for serving some of the best old-fashioned Filipino comfort food. But, they’ve also got a lot of tasty vegetarian dishes on their menu. A local family owns the restaurant, so you’ll also notice that they cook a lot of the dishes using family recipes.

4. Cafe Inggo 1587

Cafe Inggo 1587 is a true delight to visit. Whether you’re after Filipino comfort food or not, you’re going to enjoy your visit here. The name is a nod to when the Dominican friars arrived in the Philippines in 1587. And, due to its history, this Filipino-Spanish restaurant perfectly melts the two cultures and cuisines together. Enjoy their famous Chicken Galantina ala Inggo. It’s a chicken meatloaf that they serve with green peas and served with a rich gravy that’ll blow your mind.

5. Provenciano

Fancy sampling some truly home-cooked Filipino food? Provenciano is one of the best Filipino restaurants in Quezon City for travellers after something totally authentic. Each dish tastes as if it’s just come out of the oven at a Filipino family’s house. Whether you order the Laeng ni Ateng or a Bibingka, you’re going to leave extremely satisfied. All in all, it’s a cultural and culinary experience you simply can’t miss out on.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Quezon City

6. K Juan Republika

What’s there to know about K Juan Republika past the fact that it’s one of the best Filipino restaurants in Quezon City? Here, you can enjoy sampling some of the most authentic flavours you’ll find in the entire city. Be sure to order the Pinoy classic Pinakbet Rice or venture out and explore the rich flavours of their Salted & Spicy Squid. It’s all tantalising. And, it truly is one of the best spots in the city to sample Filipino cuisine.

Best Filipino Restaurants In Quezon City

7. Pino Restaurant

Interested in sampling a very specific dish? Pino Restaurant is your go-to spot to enjoy the fine flavours of the famous Kare-Kareng Bagnet dish. They serve it atop a bed of creamy, smooth peanut sauce and an array of vegetables. The meat is tender and juicy, melting together with the rich, creamy flavours of the peanut sauce and vegetables. Sure, you can order other dishes here. But, this is by far the most iconic.

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