Best Fitness Classes & Workouts in the UK

The 25 Best Fitness Classes & Workouts In The UK

The fitness craze is in full swing, with people all over the nation jumping into the benefits of working out. So, for a little inspiration to try sweating to something new, we’ve rounded up the best fitness classes in the UK. 

From hip hop yoga in London (where else?) to trampoline workouts, twerking classes and a firefighting drill that will have you aching in places you never knew existed, these are the classes that every gym freak needs to know about.

The Best Fitness Classes & Workouts in the UKHow do these rankings work?

25th. Music Video at Frame – London

Music Video is all about escaping the reality of every day and letting out your inner Queen Bey. You’ll learn a new routine each week inspired by the likes of your favourite artists. Expect hip-hop/street based moves as seen on the latest music videos.

FYI, it does require some coordination, so keep that in mind.

best fitness classes in the UK

24th. Insanity at BS7 Bristol – Bristol

This is a high intensity cardio conditioning workout of body weight exercises to pumping music, with modifications for the tougher exercises, led by a qualified Insanity instructor.

What’s ‘Insanity’, we hear you ask? It’s a world famous workout that takes just 30 minutes, with no equipment and a lot of sweating. One for the gym freaks.

best fitness classes in the UK

23rd. TufNut at Workout Liverpool – Liverpool

This hardcore but fun class at Workout Liverpool is based around the Jordan Fitness TUFNUT – essentially a soft tyre tool. There are straps on various faces – and various weights are available – so you can jump, flip, roll, lift, push, pull and walk until your heart and muscles are content.
You’ll find yourself involved in a unique workout that is fun, testing, exhilarating and consists of full body exercises.

best fitness classes in the UK

22nd. Hot Pod Yoga – Multiple

Hot Pod Yoga is popping up – literally – all over the UK, and it’s a must-try for both yoga fanatics and newcomers. An inflatable purple pod is heated to 37 degrees to supercharge the yoga experience. There’s no chanting, no Sanskrit, no pretzels – these classes are grounded firmly in reality

The warmth of the studio and the physicality of the flows will work your body, while the dim lights, purple hues and immersive soundscapes will calm your busy mind.

best fitness classes in the UK

21st. Ride at Psycle – London

This is a spinning class like no other, with a cult following in the city. Ride is an immersive, energetic indoor cycling class that blends high intensity cardio, muscular strength training and rhythm-based choreography, all to a killer playlist.

The boutique setting, neon lights and amazing music will all inspire you to push on to the max.

best fitness classes in the UK

20th. LES MILLS Body Combat at Luxe Fitness – Bristol

Ever tried a virtual fitness class? This energetic Body Combat class at Luxe Fitness is led by a virtual instructor on the big screen. This high-energy martial-arts inspired workout is totally non-contact and there are no complex moves to master.

You’ll punch and kick your way to fitness, burning up to 740 calories along the way.

best fitness classes in the UK

19th. Twerking at Body Barre – Manchester

Yes, we’re serious. One of the best fitness classes in the UK right now is a twerking class. Twerking is a high-intensity cardio class that feels more like a dance club outing than a gym session. They’ve taken the uncontrollable desire to shake our ass and mixed it with some well known bum toning exercises aka squats.

The most fun conditioning class by far!

best fitness classes in the UK

18th. Funky Pump at Guerrilla Fitness – Cardiff

Funky Pump combines fitness with music in a unique nightclub setting. Live DJs blast house music while you punch, lift and sweat your way through a workout. It’s just like being in the club, but you’ll feel way better after it. Plus, it’s dark so nobody can see you pushing yourself to the max and making mad faces while you’re at it.

best fitness classes in the UK

17th. Barry’s Bootcamp – London

This world-famous bootcamp class burns up to 1,000 calories per class, which explains the hundreds of locations all over the world. The high intensity interval training will push you to your limits as you give it your all in the iconic ‘Red Room’.

The reality is, Barry’s is so fun, you’ll forget you’re working out.

best fitness classes in the UK

16th. Love Lagree – Leeds

The Lagree method and Megaformer machine has transformed Hollywood’s hottest bodies, so you know its going to go down a storm here. Using unique machines,  Love Lagree is a unique, high intensity, low impact full-body workout. Every class is 50 minutes and effectively combines strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexibility and core.

Love Lagree Leeds is the only UK studio outside London offering the unique Lagree Fitness Method.

best fitness classes in the UK

15th. Fitmamas at Fitness Soul – Edinburgh

This is a fantastic class for any mums other there as you can bring your baby to this fun and relaxed class while you work out. Post natal care is taken very seriously here: Once you join the program, you will be screened by Qualified Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Coach, and instructors will apply modifications if needed. This is to make sure your core muscles, including pelvic floor are healthy, and are recovered before moving to the next level.

As well as being one of the best fitness classes in the UK for mums, it’s also a great community outlet.

best fitness classes in the UK

14th. Signature at Barrecore – London

You don’t have to be a ballerina to take part in this popular class. The original and most popular Barrecore class, BarreSIGNATURE uses their unique combination of isometric exercises (small intense movements) alternated with stretching to help you create the longer, leaner looking physique associated with working out at the barre.

You’ll use a combination of bodyweight resistance, light props, work at the ballet barre and high repetitions to exhaust all major muscle groups.

best fitness classes in the UK

13th. Candlelit Hip Hop Yoga at FLY LDN – London

Think yoga is boring or traditional? Think again and check out this cool candlelit hip hop yoga class. Set to immersive candlelit visuals and classic hip hop, this dynamic, high energy class is designed to make you sweat to a sick beat. It’s a unique FLY twist on a traditional Vinyasa Flow that’s sure to get your heart going.

The beautiful views on the large screen change every class, giving you new scenery to stare at while you hold those poses.

best fitness classes in the UK

12th. Drill at Firehouse Fitness – Sheffield 

Want a hardcore workout of a professional standard? Firehouse Fitness is the perfect place for you. This is a functional training drill that uses prowler sledges, tractor tyres, kettlebells, barbells, battle-ropes and more for a full body workout.

Designed by firefighters, the class focuses on a variety of full body movements, from squats, lunges and deadlifts to rows, pulls and presses, so there’s not an inch of you that doesn’t feel the burn.

11th. City Strongman at The Foundry – London

Consistently claimed (through sweaty, gritted teeth) as “the toughest workout in the City!”, this class is a real ass kicker. Devised by Ben Gotting, this class uses all the toys seen on TV’s “World’s Strongest Man” for London’s most brutal fat-burning workout! Think log pressing, sled dragging, prowler pushing, and the dreaded Atlas Stones….

Despite what you might think, it’s also suitable for all levels of ability, including novices who lead active but not necessarily strongman lives.

10th. CrossFit Team WOD – Glasgow

CrossFit is one of the most popular fitness classes in the UK right now, and this Glasgow gym has it down to a tee.  As well as open gym and strength classes, the Workout of the Day runs twice on Saturday morning. The TeamWOD is a 60 minute class with a workload that can only be handled with the help of some friends.

There’s even fun events like post-workout rum tastings.

9th. Flip Fit at Flip Out – Manchester

Flip Fit classes are the most enjoyable way to boost energy, tone and strengthen, and burn up to 1000 calories per session! Don’t believe us? Listen to this: you’ll be bouncing around like a little kid on a giant trampoline.

Increase your flexibility and balance with a unique blend of exercises from trampolining, stunt boxes and gymnastics, all led by a trained instructor in a safe, friendly environment.

8th. Row at Engine – London

This is a rowing class that puts all others to shame, as this boutique rowing studio is the top class. High intensity intervals on the rower and explosive strength training combinations on the floor will give you a total body workout. Why rowing?

Rowing is low impact to the body, uses 85% or the body’s muscles across nine major muscle groups making it one of the best full body workouts you can do! Music, lights, metrics and your crew will make the class like nothing else you’ve experienced.

7th. Be Military Fit with Bear Grylls – Multiple

Military Fit is a 60-minute workout where you’ll be on the go right from the start. The programmes are made to hit the right heart rate in order to gain the best calorie burn during and after the workout. Military training strategies are used to get the most out of members in every session and it works.

This energetic class is held in public parks across the UK and you can try your first class for free.

6th. CaveLifting at Cave Fit – Edinburgh

If you’ve always wanted to give weightlifting a go but don’t know where to start, this class is ideal. CaveLifting is a program specifically designed to enable gains in strength, muscular shape, and tone, with friendly instructors who can tailor each exercise to all fitness levels.
A huge emphasis is placed on technique and exercise execution no matter what your previous experience may be. This way you aren’t only getting a great workout, you’re also being educated in the process.

5th. Boogie Bounce – Multiple

Boogie Bounce is a complete exercise programme that you do on a mini trampoline with Patented T-Bar Handle. The programme consists of a highly effective H.I.I.T cardio section followed by a toning section, working bums, tums and thighs. Every muscle in the body is worked, even the facial muscles!

Plus, studies by NASA scientists show that bouncing around on a mini trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging and yet requires less effort. It’s a win-win.

4th. Skip Fit at Rig’s Fitness – Birmingham

Think back to how tired you would be as a child after a few skipping games and multiply that by 100 for this high intensity skipping class. Skipping really is the best form of aerobic exercise and if you do Skip-Fit you’ll realise why. The sole aim of this class is to strip unwanted body fat and really build a lean, athletic physique.

It’s tough, but it’s also a lot of fun.

3rd. Rumble at 1Rebel – London

This hard-hitting session incorporates explosive speed, footwork, strength but most of all willpower. For a full 45 minutes, you’ll be in boxing battle between you and your bag. You’ll learn the foundations of boxing from your stance and form, to killer punching combos, interspersed with strength and conditioning body weight drills specific to boxing.

Each person gets their own individual bag and the music is blasting, adding to the energetic vibes.

2nd. F45 Training – Multiple

One of the most popular workouts all across the world F45 is one of the best fitness classes in the UK, no doubt. The ‘F’ stands for functional training, with 45 being the optimum length of each workout.

This style of training builds and sculpts lean, functional muscle. Lifting, squatting, jumping, twisting, pulling, pushing, punching, kicking, rowing, biking – all of these movements qualify as functional and all can be found at F45 Training.

1st. RipnRide at Hot Fit – Liverpool

For the ultimate workout, combine a spin class with full body conditioning, all in this hot and humid studio. The specifically designed Rip, Ride and Relax rooms are 30 degrees heat, and have 30% humidity. In a nutshell, it’s the most intense workout on offer.

The popular RipnRide class is a blaster of 25 minutes of sweat and conditioning (Rip) followed by 20 minutes of high energy spinning with Ride. You’ll leave here in bits but feeling amazing.

Header Image: Frame, London

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