Where to Eat Grits in Atlanta

The 7 Best Places For Grits In Atlanta

The official prepared food of Georgia is grits, so it comes as no surprise that the best grits in Atlanta are some of the creamiest, tastiest, and most well-prepared that you’ll get anywhere in the country.

This unique Southern food is a must-try if you’re travelling through the Southern United States. More specifically, it’s a dish you absolutely have to sample if you’re visiting Atlanta. What are grits? Only one of the most delicious dishes in Southern cuisine.

Grits are prepared using ground corn or hominy, and in the south they’re often served with shrimp, cheese, or at the very least, butter. While you’ll find them on a lot of breakfast menus, modern restaurants are beginning to incorporate them more into their gourmet recipes as well. 

Hungry yet? We thought you’d be. Take that appetite and head to any one of the seven best places for grits in Atlanta.

Best Grits In AtlantaHow do these rankings work?

1. Atlanta Breakfast Club

As this restaurant’s name suggests, they’re famous for breakfast. And, part of being home to some of the best breakfast food in Atlanta means that they’ve got some truly outstanding grits. The shrimp and grits here are prepared to a creamy, delightful perfection. Numerous locals noted that the shrimp and grits here are some of the best they’ve ever tasted, especially when paired with their other breakfast food like peach cobbler French toast.

Best Places for Grits in Atlanta

2. Flying Biscuit Cafe

Creamy and dreamy are two perfect words to describe the grits at Flying Biscuit Cafe. It’s hard to come across grits in Atlanta better than what you’ll find here. Locals seem to love pairing the creamy, buttery grits with the restaurant’s famous biscuits. The biscuits come with apple butter, which is honestly to die for, and it adds a certain sweetness that the grits balance out really well. Order the shrimp and grits as your main course or get them on the side with a breakfast platter.

Where to Eat Grits in Atlanta

3. South City Kitchen

Stone-ground grits are hot here, both literally and figuratively. South City Kitchen is home to by far some of the best grits in Atlanta. And, they serve brunch too, so you can stay for a delightful afternoon full of dishes such as cheddar scrambled eggs, stone-ground grits, and applewood smoked bacon. This is hometown Southern cuisine at its finest.

Atlanta's Best Grits

4. West Egg Cafe

West Egg Cafe serves grits a little bit differently than you’re probably used to if you’ve been travelling around Atlanta or the South for a bit. Here, they’re famous for their pimento cheese grits. Yes, you read that right. Creamy grits topped with mouthwatering pimento cheese. You’ll likely want to order more than a dish or two, and grab a red velvet doughnut on your way out to balance out your meal with something sweet.

5. Murphy’s

Murphy’s delivers upscale comfort food in a cosy, familiar setting. So, naturally, while they serve some of the best grits in Atlanta, they serve them with a unique flare. They’re famous for their Saturday and Sunday brunches where you can order sides of stone-ground or cheddar grits. Or, just go ahead and opt for what you’re really after, their famous shrimp and grits. They’re served with scrumptious sides of tomato pepper jams, andouille, and a sunny side up egg. Delish.

6. Horseradish Grill

Horseradish Grill began as a country store, and while they’ve stuck close to their roots, the restaurant now embodies the perfect mix of hometown Southern charm and fine dining. Head here on the weekend for one of the best brunch meals of your life. You’ll be able to choose between pimento cheese and grits fritters or jumbo shrimp and Logan Turnpike grits. The latter comes with fire-roasted red peppers, smoked sausage and ​caramelized onions in a lightly spiced sherry sauce. You’ll definitely be craving this one long after you’re finished.

7. Home Grown

You didn’t think we’d leave off Home Grown, would you? This local Atlanta eatery is famous amongst locals for the unique way in which they whip up their grits. They combine the creaminess and Southern flavours of regular grits and mix them with barbecue. Yep, their BBQ shrimp and grits are absolutely irresistible and bursting with flavour. But, we’re not playing favourites here. The cheddar grits are pretty great as well.

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