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7 Of The Best Jewish Delis In Brooklyn

Are you on the hunt for a classic Jewish deli? Home to a thriving Jewish community, there is no shortage of Kosher delis in Brooklyn. Whether you’re in the mood for drool-worthy pastrami or comforting matzoh ball soup, we’ve got you covered. Here are the  seven best Jewish delis in Brooklyn.

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1. Katz Delicatessen

Opened in 1888, Katz Deli is the world’s oldest deli and has been a New York City staple for over 130 years. Here you’ll find their legendary pastrami and other Jewish classics piled high. We recommend the Reuben with a crunchy dill pickle.

Katz Deli Brooklyn

2. Jay and Lloyd’s Kosher Deli

Dining at Jay and Lloyd’s feels like dining at home. The staff treats everyone like family, and the food is always mouthwateringly fresh. Leaving without chowing down on their hot pastrami would be a sin.

jay and lloyd kosher deli brooklyn

3. Frankel’s Delicatessen

Frankel’s deli is a true Greenpoint gem run by two passionate brothers. Zach and Alex’s goal is to bring the timeless dishes and homely hospitality that they grew up with to fellow New Yorkers, and with Frankels they do just that. We recommend their matzo ball soup.

Frankels best jewish deli brooklyn

4. Gottlieb’s Restaurant

If you are looking for a hearty kosher fare, look no further than Gottlieb’s. This simple, no-frills Jewish deli is known for their generous portion sizes and classic Jewish comfort food. In addition to Jewish cuisine, they also serve a small variety of Hungarian and Chinese dishes. Don’t leave without the brisket on rye with a crunchy dill pickle.

gottliebs best jewish deli brooklyn
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5. Mile End Delicatessen

Mile End is one of Brooklyn’s best. Specializing in Montreal style Jewish dishes inspired by the owners’ grandmother. Here you’ll find time-tested Jewish dishes that are full of flavour, tradition and love.

mile end jewish deli brooklyn

6. Mill Basin Kosher Deli

Avenue T’s Mill Basin Deli takes kosher bites to a new level with mile-high pastrami sandwiches and fine art. In addition to juicy kosher sandwiches, the walls are dotted with the owner’s personal art collection. They also place a huge priority on creating consistent Jewish fare that is as affordable as it is delicious so that everyone can eat.

mill basin kosher deli brooklyn

7. 2nd Ave Deli

For more than half a century, 2nd Ave Deli has one of the best in the business. Thick slabs of expertly seasoned deli meat, comforting chicken soup and unbelievable kugels are just a few of the things that keep guests coming back. Treat yourself to any of the deli sandwiches at this local favourite.

2nd ave deli jewish brooklyn

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