7 Of The Best Jewish Delis In Los Angeles

When most people think of classic Jewish delis, they imagine NYC. And while New York City is definitely home to some of the most famous Jewish gourmet spots, Los Angeles gives the Big Apple a run for its money. Family-run kosher delis with sky-high pastramis on and cosy contemporary delis are all over the place in the City of Angels. If you are on the hunt for authentic Jewish delis in Los Angeles, start with these.

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1. Canter’s Deli

If you are looking for drool-worthy Jewish classics, Canter’s is the place to be. Since 1931, the Canter family has been serving some of the best deli staples in all the City of Angels. Indulge your taste buds in their matzo brie, mish-mosh and kasha knish for a real treat. Even better? Outside of Jewish holidays, they are open 24 hours a day.

Canters Deli best jewish deli LA

2. Nate ‘N Al’s Delicatessen

This Beverly Hills staple is a favourite for their corned beef and nostalgic atmosphere. For over 70 years, they’ve been serving classic deli dishes to the people of Los Angeles and have no plans of stopping. Whether you’re after some savoury noshes or a classic sandwich, they’ve got you covered.

Nate N Al best jewish deli LA

3. Factor’s Famous Deli

Factor’s Famous Deli has been a Pico Boulevard gem since 1948. Flavourful but straightforward dishes are what they do best. Treat yourself to comforting Jewish classics like hearty matzo ball soup and expertly smoked salmon. The place is usually packed, but trust us, it’s worth the wait.

Factors Famous best jewish deli LA

4. Langer’s Delicatessen

Langer’s Deli has been serving what they (and so many others) call ‘the world’s best pastrami’ since 1948. Hand cut, perfectly juicy and seasoned to perfection, they aren’t wrong. It really is the best. In addition to legendary pastrami, the atmosphere sings a tale of the old days with its triumphant post-war history and warm hospitality.

langers best jewish deli LA

5. Greenblatt’s Deli & Fine Wines

Nobody gourmet Jewish deli quite like Greenblatt’s. This old school Jewish gem is a Sunset Boulevard staple and famous for its triple-decker sandwiches, slow homemade soups and unbelievably rich double chocolate fudge cake. Be sure to try one of their triple meat sandwiches with roasted turkey, roast beef and pastrami.

6. Freedman’s

This cosy neighbourhood fave is known for its creative spins on Jewish classics. We’re talking whitefish cigars, waffle latkes, chocolate babka and more. At Freedman’s, they marry the old and new while preserving old world traditions with creative gastronomy. Slide into one of their booths and indulge in their potato latke waffles with cured seatrout.

best jewish deli LA

7. Wexler’s Deli

If you are on on the hunt for the best bagels and smoked meat on the west coast, look no further than Wexler’s. Try any one of their smoked fish dishes that are all slow-smoked over applewood and sliced by hand. Or indulge in any of their bagels that rival New York’s. Afterwards, chow down on their classic Reuben with a crunchy dill pickle and potato salad.

wexlers best jewish deli LA

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