Best Lobster Rolls in New England

The 25 Best Lobster Rolls In New England

As a foodie, when you think of New England you might automatically think of clam chowder, baked cod or even some drool-worthy fluffernutter (yes, we said fluffernutter). But, the best lobster rolls in New England are amongst some of the most delicious dishes you’ll try in the entire United States.

Whether you’re a local looking for new spots or a traveller interested in planning a foodie-focused trip all over the East Coast, we have got one hell of a tasty list for you. The simplicity of lobster rolls seems to be what makes them so popular. Lobster meat served atop a grilled hot dog-style bun? Uh, yeah, we’re totally into it.

From Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts all the way over to New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont…here’s where to find the best Lobster Rolls in New England. You won’t be able to wait until the 2020 summer season to get a taste.

Best Lobster Rolls In New EnglandHow do these rankings work?

1. Lobster Landing – Clinton, Connecticut

Sitting perched atop the edge of Long Island Sound, Lobster Landing is a great place to stop off on any coastal road trip through Connecticut. And, hot lobster rolls seem to be their specialty. The lobster meat is always perfectly buttery with just the right amount of lemon to cut the sweetness just enough to make your mouth water. Get stuck into a roll or two and enjoy the tranquillity of the water views.

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

2. Red’s Eats – Wiscasset, Maine

This landmark drive-in restaurant has been luring travellers in for years. It’s hard to resist the unique charm of the authentic New England restaurant, and even harder to resist the undeniably delicious flavours of their lobster rolls. Locals and visitors alike wait in long lines just to get a taste. It comes with tail, claw, and knuckle meat for a massive lobster roll that you can devour with mayo or butter (or both!).

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

3. Bite Into Maine – Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Bite Into Maine is a unique food truck that takes the classic Maine lobster roll and puts a creative and very tasty spin on it. If you’re a die-hard lobster roll fan, you might roll your eyes. However, upon the first bite, you’ll be hit with a wave of unique flavours that’ll leave you a fan for life. They serve both traditional and non-traditional lobster rolls here, with one featuring coleslaw, celery salt and curry.

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

4. The Lobster Pool – Rockport, Massachusetts

Head straight to Rockport if you’re looking to sample one of the best lobster rolls in New England. Here, the lobster arrives fresh daily from a local supplier. Then, they cook it up fresh to order before chopping the meat up into a tantalising mixture with mayo. They’ll slather it onto a perfectly toasted and buttered bun for you and serve it with crispy fries for added flavour. Are you drooling yet?

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

5. James Hook & Company – Boston, Massachusetts

James Hook is a big name when it comes to lobster in the New England region of the United States. This third-generation restaurant has deep roots in the lobster industry, which is part of why their lobster rolls are amongst the best in the city, if not the country. You’d head here for a fantastic lobster meal, but if you’re just in for a quick bite, try the lobster roll as it features their world-class meat with mayo or butter.

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

6. Matunuck Oyster Bar – South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Rhode Island might be known in New England as home to some of the region’s best clam chowder or stuffed clams, but this South Kingstown oyster bar serves up what is easily one of the best lobster rolls in New England. What makes the food here so special is that they focus on a farm to table concept. The lobster roll is served with chopped celery on a grilled buttery split-top roll.

7. Bob’s Clam Hut – Kittery, Maine

Kittery is a must for anybody planning a visit to Maine in the summertime. It’s about as magical as New England summer gets. And, while you’re there, you’re gonna want to try out Bob’s Clam Hut. Yes, for the clams, but also for the incredible lobster roll. Opt for the jumbo lobster roll as there’s no way you won’t be craving seconds of this delicious sandwich after you take your first bite. It’s just so well-balanced.

8. Rye Harbor Lobster Pound – Rye, New Hampshire

If you’re a fan of lobster in general then you can’t pass up the chance to check out the Rye Harbor Lobster Pound. They serve a variety of incredibly unique lobster-based dishes here, including a fun lobster pizza. However, be sure to sample the classics, like their buttery, thick-cut lobster filled rolls. They smother chunks of meat in a delicious butter-and-sherry sauce to give it added flavour…as if it needed anymore flavour!

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

9. McLoons Lobster Shack – South Thomaston, Maine

One look at this Maine lobster shack and you just know you’ve found foodie heaven. It’s about as authentic and Maine as it gets with its red panelling and waterfront views. And, boy, are the lobster rolls amazing. Here, they don’t mix the ingredients. They serve the mayo on the bottom, then slather on the lobster meat, and sandwich it all in the bun. It provides a nice balanced flavour with each bite.

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

10. Five Islands Lobster Co. – Georgetown, Maine

What makes the lobster rolls here so scrumptious is the fact that the spot gets fresh lobstered delivered consistently throughout the day. You’ll find that the freshness really takes the flavour to the next level. And, if you’re the kind of person that can do without the butter, you’ll love ’em even more. They only serve cold rolls here, none of that buttery stuff. Just fresh, high-quality lobster tossed with a bit of mayo.

11. Quoddy Bay Lobster – Eastport, Maine

At Quoddy Bay Lobster they’re serving up some of the biggest, tastiest lobsters in New England. They source them from the nearby ports to ensure maximum freshness. Then, they serve them cold-only. Choose to have them with mao or Miracle Whip, which is a unique yet flavourful option. Or, just stick with the jumbo lobster roll for more meaty goodness and get it drizzled in butter. They’re honestly all fantastic.

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

12. Anthony’s Seafood – Middletown, Rhode Island

For any seafood lover, Anthony’s is a mecca of sorts in Rhode Island. But, when it comes to their lobster rolls they’re really killing the game. Here, they keep things light and fresh by tossing six ounces of lobster in fresh mayo before topping it off with just a pinch of white pepper. Serve with fries, coleslaw and a pickle, it’s the ideal New England meal.

13. Sullivan’s Castle Island – South Boston, Massachusetts

This 1950s South Boston shack has been attracting hungry visitors for decades now. For four generations, Sully’s has been serving some of the best fried seafood and lobster rolls in Boston and beyond. The lobster roll, in particular, seems to be a top favourite amongst locals. It’s absolutely loaded up with meat for one super-heavy sandwich that’s just about as delicious as it gets.

Best Lobster Rolls in New England

14. Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock – New London, Connecticut

There’s a lot to love about Captain’s Scott’s Lobster Dock. First and foremost, you’ll find that it’s a spot that’s bursting with charm and stunning water views. It makes diving into one of their authentic lobster rolls feel and taste all the more authentic. Here, they’ll serve large chunks of lobster just how you like it. Love it creamy or without the mayo? They’ll do both, and even top it off with a lemon if you want.

15. Coast Guard House – Narragansett, Rhode Island

If you’re interested in sampling a New England lobster roll but also want to enjoy a bit of a gourmet food experience while travelling through the region, check out the Coast Guard House. They specialise in serving locally harvested seafood that’s done up to elegant perfection. The same goes for their lobster roll, which they serve with fresh herbs, citrus aioli and lettuce on buttered brioche. It’s different but very tasty.

16. Row 34 – Boston, Massachusetts

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a local who doesn’t think that Row 34 serves some of the best lobster rolls in Boston. This fantastic food-filled city is full of great lobster spots. But, there’s something especially great about the way Row 34 serves their rolls. Love oysters? Sample a few from their extensive menu then dig into a lobster roll, which they’ll serve warm and buttered.

17. The Lobster Shack – East Haven, Connecticut

Nick and Arlene Crismale own The Lobster Shack in East Haven Connecticut, delivering full, fabulous flavours and authentic lobster rolls to local for years now. They’ve only recently relocated to East Haven, but their delicious chowders and everything else on their menu has remained the same and is just as tasty. Each lobster roll comes with a whopping quarter pound of meat and is served with lemon and butter.

18. Shannon’s Unshelled – Boothbay Harbor, Maine

As they put it, “fresh and overflowing with flavour” is how they serve their lobster rolls here. And, they’re spot on. Each massive roll comes loaded with a whole lobster served over a grilled bun and with garlic sea salt butter on the side. Love the claws and the tail? Here, they put it all on the roll, so you don’t have to choose. Fresh and flavourful, it’s hard to find a better lobster roll in Maine than this one.

19. Sprague’s Lobster – Wiscasset, Maine

What locals seem to love about Sprague’s lobster rolls is the fact that they cater to all tastes. This means that they not only serve high-quality, super flavourful chunks of lobster, but they also let you choose between hot or cold and with butter or mayo. This kind of personalisation goes a long way for a die-hard lobster fan who knows exactly what they want out of their lobster roll.

20. The Clam Castle – Madison, Connecticut

Set against the scenic backdrop that is Route 1, you’ll find The Clam Castle usually busting with locals and lots of travellers during the summertime. Known for their fried clams and clam chowder, you’ll find locals raving about their lobster roll with just as much enthusiasm. In fact, they’ll likely even tell you that it’s the best in Connecticut. You’ll have to be the judge of that, but it is oh-so warm and oh-so buttery.

21. Clam Box – Ipswich, Massachusetts

If you’re interested in sampling an authentic lobster roll along with other traditional New England eats, this is the place for you. As the name suggests, they’re known most for their world-famous fried clams. Order a round of ’em along with one of their piled-high lobster roll. Come on, just look at this thing! It’s loaded with massive chunks of some of the freshest lobster in the area.

22. Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough – Groton, Connecticut

Steamers, mussels and clam chowder are all worth a try here, but you simply can’t visit and pass up the chance to also sample one of the best lobster rolls in New England. Watch boaters and kayaks pass by on the water as you devour their incredibly well-balanced lobster roll. They seem to have truly mastered the art of mixing their quarter-pound of pure lobster meat with melted creamery butter.

23. Becky’s Diner – Portland, Maine

Interestingly enough, Becky’s Diner also made our list of the 25 Best Burgers in Maine. The waterfront diner serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to locals, but they excel in crafting one truly tasty lobster roll, too (really, all of their sandwiches are incredible). The lobster roll, however, comes with a quarter-pound of fresh-picked lobster meat that they’ll top with mayo or a side of melted butter. Paired with their waffle fries, it’s out of this world good.

24. Pauli’s – Boston, Massachusetts

Another Boston favourite, Pauli’s is popular amongst locals for their wicked good subs and sandwiches. The best sandwich on the menu? It’s pretty hard to choose a favourite. But, you absolutely won’t ever be disappointed if you order their lobster roll. It features chunks of fresh lobster meat and mayo on a grilled New England style hot dog roll. Does it get much more classic than this? It’s the epitome of tasty.

25. Shanty on the Shore – Burlington, Vermont

Serving up stunning views of the shore and a menu that’s just as enticing, Shanty on the Shore is one of the best spots for seafood in Burlington. From clams to fried shrimp and some seriously addicting Bloody Mary’s, they’ve got it all. And, their fresh Maine lobster roll is pretty darn authentic. They serve it traditional-style, tossed lightly in may and with some celery for added flavour and a touch of crunch.

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