Best Nude Beaches Around the World to Go Au Naturel

Looking for a place where you can enjoy the sun, sand and waves without the confines of a bathing suit? While going nude in public is still out of bounds in most places, there are a few where it’s the norm. From full-on naturalist colonies in the South of France to hidden gems outside Sydney, there are lots to be enjoyed au naturel. Grab your sunglasses and sunscreen (they’re all you’ll need) and head to either of these seven nude beaches around the world.

Best Nude Beaches Around the World

1. Platja des Cavallet – Ibiza, Spain

Situated between the tranquil sea and the southern tip of Ibiza, you’ll find Platja des Cavallet. Platja des Cavallet is the perfect slice of Mediterranean heaven to slip away from Ibiza’s rambunctious party scene. If you’re still up for some revelling though, there is a club section nearby to hit up once you’re done taking in the rays. Don’t be surprised if you run into some pink guests with long legs – flamingos frequent this beach quite often.

best nude beaches
image: Villa Cana Batla – Ibiza/Facebook

2. Praia Massarandupió – Bahia, Brazil

Just two hours north of Salvador you’ll find a nude paradise complete with stunning Brazillian landscape and friendly (but not too friendly) locals. Praia Massarandupió is known for its wild waves, towering palm trees and a vast expanse of powdery sand. Whether you’re lounging with a book, taking a nap or enjoying an icy caipirinha – Praia Massarandupió is the place to do it au natural.

best nude beaches

3. Red Beach, Crete, Greece

This secluded stretch of coast is off the south side of Crete and is one of Europe’s best spots for clothing-optional beach time. Crete is known for its stellar beaches and unique atmosphere – Red Beach is no exception. As the name suggests, the beach is known for its clay coloured sand and rust-hued cliffs. Sunbathe on the auburn sand or escape the sun with a nice breeze under the cliff shadow.

best nude beaches
image: Melanie Glaubitz/Facebook

4. Lady Bay Beach – Sydney, Australia

Tucked away in the South Head of Sydney Harbour, you’ll find one of the best nude beaches around the globe – Lady Bay Beach. While quaint, the rocky ledges and gorgeous turquoise waters make for a perfect secluded oasis from the rest of Sydney. Spend the afternoon sipping in the sand or perched on one of the stunning ledges for sunbathing.

best nude beaches
image: Dinh Bai Nguyen/Facebook

5. Haulover Beach Park – Miami, Florida

Easily the most popular and widely known beach in the United States is Haulover Beach in Miami. The Sunshine State is known for its year-round warm weather, pristine beaches and laid back atmosphere. So it’s no wonder its also a prime location for nudist beaches. In a pre-pandemic year, Haulover would attract more than one million visitors annually looking to lounge in the sugary sand and enjoy some skinny dipping.

best nude beaches
6. Cap d’Agde – France

Often coined as France’s “Naked City” Cap d’Agde is the perfect spot for naturalists to relax. Cap d’Agde also boasts the world’s largest clothing-optional beach resort which draws tens of thousands of guests on daily. Well, in a pre-covid world, at least. The nudity extends beyond the sand, too. Guests are free to be naked whenever and wherever they want, whether grocery shopping or mailing a letter. Book a few nights in the resort or just stay the afternoon, either way, you’ll always remember Cap d’Agde.

best nude beaches
7. Patara Beach – Patara, Turkey

Turkey may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of best places to go bare-bottomed, but Patara Beach might surprise you. This long expanse of warm sand, crystal clear water and stellar sunsets is the highlight of the Turkish Riviera and it’s clothing-optional. In addition to a gorgeous landscape, the area is part of a protected area for nesting sea turtles. This makes it’s practically flawless and perfect for sighting turtles while lounging.

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