The 50 Best Pies In The United States

Americans love pies, and it’s pretty easy to see why. The best pies in America are flaky, sweet, and creamy. And, they act as the delicious centerpiece of pretty much any holiday meal. Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it, there’s likely a sweet, tasty pie on the table for everybody to dig into. 

American pies are so versatile that they extend to include everything from the iconic apple and pecan pies all the way to the more inventive grasshopper pie and tangy key lime pie. Simply put, pie is a good idea for any occasion, and you’ll definitely find something here to suit your tastes.

We asked some locals, took a look at previous polls, and did a little bit of taste-testing ourselves to try and find the best-tasting pies that are either regionally famous or well-loved by residents of each state.

Break out the forks and get ready to treat yourself to something sweet. Here are the 50 best pies in America, one for each state.

Best Pies In AmericaHow do these rankings work?

1. Brown Sugar Buttermilk Pie at Pie Lab – Greensboro, Alabama

Visit any state below the Mason-Dixon Line and you’ll likely find eager locals ready to spread the word about the deliciousness of buttermilk pie. However, the love for this custard-like pie is particularly strong in Alabama. And, few places do it up quite like Pie Lab. Their brown sugar buttermilk pie is creamy and features a unique touch of sugary sweetness with the added brown sugar.

Best Pies in America

2. Triple Berry Pie at A Pie Stop – Anchorage, Alaska

The blueberries that grow in Alaska feature such a sweet and tart flavour that they’re often used to make some of the most delicious pies in America. And, while you’ll find numerous spots trying to whip up a great pie, the triple berry pie at A Pie Stop takes the cake (er, the pie). It’s got just the right amount of spice balanced with all of the tarty flavours of various local berries tucked into a handmade, flaky crust.

Best Blueberry Pie in Alaska

3. Smoked Pecan Pie at Little Miss BBQ – Phoenix, Arizona

The Southwestern state of Arizona is home to 26,000 acres of pecans. So, naturally, pecan pies are pretty popular, and what better place to indulge than at a spot that sure knows how to smoke delicious foods? Little Miss BBQ’s pecan pie is reportedly cooked in one of their smokers to give it an extra tantalising flavour. And, the secret family recipe ensures you can’t find a pie like it anywhere else.

Best Pies in America

4. Chocolate Chess Pie at Alley Oops – Little Rock, Arkansas

Never heard of chocolate chess pie? You’re in for a treat! It’s rich, silky, chocolatey, and a true Southern delight. The chocolate chess pie at Alley Oops in Little Rock, Arkansas is one of the best pies in America, and without a doubt one of the best in the state. The chocolate is rich yet balanced out by the warm, flaky crust that they so delicately pour it into. It’s so tasty that there’s no way you’re going to stop at one slice.

5. Coachella Lime Pie at Eight4Nine – Palm Springs, California

Some of the absolute best pies in America are found in California. From the famous boysenberry pie at Knott’s Berry Farm to delicious caramel apple pies in NorCal, this state is foodie heaven. However, we suggest making a trip to Palm Springs to try the Coachella lime pie at Eight4Nine. The limes are picked fresh from Coachella Valley and the restaurant itself is too eclectic and trendy to miss out on visiting.

6. Wicked Southern Dutchman at 3.14 Sweet & Savory Pi Bar – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Hungry for some…Pi? This creative Colorado Springs bakery puts a fun, inventive spin on all of the tasty pies they bake. Aside from the “punny” name, you’ll find pies such as The Nutty Professor and our personal favourite, the Wicked Southern Dutchman. It’s a Dutch apple pie with Kentucky bourbon. It’s got just the right amount of bourbon to give it a kick, and it’s topped with a cinnamon crumb topping.

Best Pies in America

7. Pumpkin Pie at Michele’s Pies – Norwalk, Connecticut

Connecticut is called the “Nutmeg State,” so it’s easy to see why the festive spice tastes to fresh and delicious when used for pumpkin pies here. Michele’s Pies is home to some of the best pies in America, and while the Apple Crumb has won awards at the National Pie Championship, it’s the pumpkin pie that’s got our mouths watering and stomachs rumbling. The bakery uses 6,000 pounds of fresh pumpkin during the holiday pie season to craft the most delectable pumpkin pies in the state, if not the whole country.

8. Peach Pie at Cannon’s Custom Cakes & Bakery – Delaware

Back in 2009, the peach pie was declared to be Delaware’s official state dessert. So, when passing through the state you simply can’t pass up the chance to indulge. And, while you’ve got your fair share of choice, you simply can’t pass up the chance to indulge in the peach pie at Cannon’s Custom Cakes. Really, anything you order here is bursting with sweet, tasty goodness.

9. Key Lime Pie at Fish House – Key Largo, Florida

You could make an entire trip out of touring the state of Florida in search of the best key lime pie in America. While it’s difficult to find actual key limes nowadays, the citrusy dessert is still famous throughout the state. To double up on tourist duties, head to Key Largo and treat yourself to a slice of key lime pie. The tangy lime flavour pairs so perfectly with the caramel brown sweetness of the light and fluffy meringue.

Best Key Lime Pie in America

10. Peanut Butter Pie at Mary Mac’s – Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia grows nearly half the peanuts produced in the United States, so it comes as no surprise that lots of locals choose peanut butter pie as the state’s tastiest sweet treat. Mary Mac’s has been serving fine Southern food to guests for over seven decades, which means they’ve certainly had time to perfect their peanut butter pie recipe. And, boy, is it perfect. A cookie crust balances out the sweet, silky, peanut buttery flavours that fill your mouth with joy bite after bite.

11. Chocolate Haupia Pie at Ted’s Bakery – Haleiwa, Hawaii

Visiting Hawaii without trying haupia is like heading to Texas and not trying the brisket; you just have to do it. And, there’s no better place to dip your toes into the sweeter side of the islands than at Joe’s Bakery, the home of the original chocolate haupia pie. It’s got a flaky crust base that’s topped with a layer of sweet chocolate. Then, they finish it off with a tapioca-like centre made with coconut milk. It’s as unique and delicious as it sounds.

12. Cherry Pie Scone at Big City Coffee – Boise, Idaho

Few things pair more perfectly together than coffee and a nice slice of sweet pie. At Big City Coffee, you’ll find both in healthy doses, overflowing with rich flavours and creamy textures. And, while the cherry pie scone might be cheating a bit in terms of best “pies” in America, it’s so mouth-watering that it definitely deserves a spot on this list. Order it with a warm coffee and enjoy each and every bite.

13. Apple Pie at Myrtle’s Pies – Princeton, Illinois

The pie menu at Myrtle’s Pies takes up a whole page. So, regardless of what you’re craving, you’re likely to find it on the menu here. Fruit pies extend to include everything from cranberry apple and strawberry rhubarb to the eve-classic apple pie. We suggest sampling every single slice if you can. But, starting with the apple pie is a great place to begin your sugar-filled journey through some of the best pies in America.

14. Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie at Mrs. Wick’s Pies – Winchester, Indiana

Sugar cream pie is one of the tastiest things to come out of Indiana. And, while it initially earned the name desperation pie, due to the fact that you don’t need much to bake it, the Hoosiers have claimed it as their own. Honestly, we don’t blame them. It’s oh-so-tasty and delectably sweet. It’s light, sweet, and custard-like, almost like a crème brûlée.

Best Pies in America

15. Cherry Pie at Crouse Cafe – Indianola, Iowa

It doesn’t get much more hometown than this. Crouse Cafe is a delightfully charming and quaint cafe in the small town of Indianola, Iowa. Stop off here for tasty breakfast full of gigantic pancakes, hot griddlecakes and omelettes. Then, stay through lunch to enjoy the incredibly perfect fusion of tart cherries, flaky crust, and sweet sugary goodness. It’s easily one of the best cherry pies in the country.

Best Pies in America

16. Chocolate Cream Pie at Ashleigh’s Bake Shop – Kansas City, Missouri*

It’s pretty hard to single out just one pie at this Kansas City bakeshop that’s the best of the best. From key lime pies to apple pies, Ashleigh’s does it all to near perfection. However, the chocolate cream pie is just so undeniably delicious that it takes the top spot. The chocolate cream and whipped cream are both velvety and balanced in sweetness. Both are piled onto an exceptionally flakey and light crust. Simply put, it tastes like heaven.

*A former version of the article stated Ashleigh’s Bakeshop was in Kansas City, Kansas.

17. Derby Pie at Kern’s Kitchen – Louisville, Kentucky

Like key lime pie in Florida, derby pie is a local staple pretty much anywhere you go in Kentucky. While it looks a bit like pecan pie, it’s made using a tasty mix of chocolate and walnuts, or even sometimes pecans. To sample this fine Southern treat, head to Kern’s Kitchen, home of the most well-known chocolate nut pie in the entire state. They sell their famous pie in various restaurants all over the state, however, so you can travel around a bit and enjoy it in more than just one place.

18. Louisiana Pecan Pie at Gracious Bakery – New Orleans, Louisiana

There’s a reason why Gracious Bakery has been named as the home of some of the best pies in America year after year. The passion that goes into crafting their delicious large, small, individual and slices of pie is truly astounding, as each one is filled with just as much flavour as the next. Their traditional Louisiana pecan pie is a real treat for travellers. They make it using Bergeron pecans and spike it with some Sazerac praline liquor.

Best Pecan Pies in Louisiana

19. Blueberry Pie at Two Fat Cats – Portland, Maine

Maine grows more blueberries than any other state in the country. So, naturally, you’re going to want to make sure you sample a slice of some fantastic blueberry pie while you’re visiting. And, while there are tons of spots all over the state, we suggest checking out Two Fat Cats Bakery for their well-balanced blueberry compote and outstanding crust. Whatever they do to their dough makes it just the right amount of flaky while still being soft and flavourful.

20. The Baltimore Bomb at Dangerously Delicious Pies – Baltimore Maryland

It’s pretty unanimous that Dangerously Delicious Pies bakes some of the absolute best pies in America. Really, the toughest choice you’re going to have when visiting is going to be which pie to devour first. To make your selection process easier, we suggest starting off with their signature treat, the Baltimore Bomb. It’s filled with Berger cookies that they melt and swirl into a sweet vanilla chess filling. After filling up on all of its sweet goodness, try one of their pancake pies.

21. Boston Cream Pie at Modern Pastry – Boston, Massachusetts

Visiting Boston? Definitely save room for dessert every night of your trip and make sure to order a Boston cream pie. Yes, yes, we know, we’re kind of cheating on this one, as Boston cream pie isn’t really a pie at all. Or, is it? Nah, it’s a vanilla cake pastry with chocolate ganache and a shiny chocolate glaze. Modern Pastry is a North End staple where you can fill up on lots of great sweet treats and then head down for a drink in the basement bar.

22. Cherry Pie at Sweetie-Licious Bakery – DeWitt, Michigan

Ask any local where to indulge in the best pies in Michigan and they’ll likely point you towards Sweetie-Licious Bakery in DeWitt. Seeing as Michigan is one of the country’s top cherry producers, you can’t visit without taste testing the delightful cherry pie here. Their signature pie is called Tom’s Cherry Cherry Berry, which even won a Food Network Pie Challenge once.

Best Cherry Pies in America

23. Banana Cream Pie at Duluth Grill – Duluth, Minnesota

According to the Food Network, the country’s first recorded banana pie recipe was published in Minneapolis in 1880. So, you’ll want to head straight to the source to sample some of the finest banana cream pie in America. There’s no better place than Duluth Grill, where they know how to perfectly combine the sweet vanilla cream, fresh bananas, and homemade caramel to create a delightful concoction full of sugar and love.

24. Southern Custard Buttermilk Pie at Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop – Jackson, Mississippi

Life’s too short to eat bad pie; at least that’s what the folks at Buttermilk Skye Pie Shop think. And, we agree, which is why we think they serve some of the best pies in America. Their version of a buttermilk pie is made to taste mild, smooth, and sweet. As they note, the buttermilk filling is a delicious cross between a chess pie and a custard, which makes for intriguing flavours you’ll want to try more than once.

Best Pies in America

25. American Apple Pie at A Slice of Pie – Rolla, Missouri

Scratch-made pies are what A Slice of Pie does best. This hometown bakery specialises in delivering some of the most delicious, sugar-filled treats in the entire state of Missouri, and they do it all with creativity and flare. Expect to enjoy different flavours each day, all of which tend to sell out fast to hungry locals eager for a taste. Start by sampling their American apple pie, as it comes with a nice caramel sauce. Or,  opt for a pie sampler, which is eight different slices in a pie tin.
best pies in america

26. Huckleberry Pie at The Huckleberry Patch – Hungry Horse, Montana

Huckleberry pie is one of the sweetest treats you’ll find in the state of Montana. While these unique and blueberry-like berries grow in various parts of the United States, they’re particularly tasty in Montana as they’re used to make some of the best pies in America. And, to taste the absolute best of the best you’ll want to head to Hungry Horse and visit The Huckleberry Patch.

27. Apple Pie at Stauffer’s Cafe & Pie Shoppe – Lincoln, Nebraska

Seeing as Nebraska is just about smack dab in the heart of the good ole US of A, it makes sense to indulge in a bit of the iconic apple pie while you’re here. Stauffer’s Cafe & Pie Shoppe is one of the cosiest cafes and restaurants you’ll find, and it’s been family-owned and operated for over two decades. The apple pie here is fresh, flaky, and perfect as a way to end a pretty great home-cooked meal. However, the strawberry rhubarb pie is another fan favourite, so you might want to order both.

28. Sweet Potato Pecan Pie a Lola’s A Louisiana Kitchen – Las Vegas, Nevada

Outside of Louisiana, Lola’s in Vegas is perhaps one of the best places to try a sweet potato pecan pie. It mixes two of the South’s most popular ingredients, sweet potatoes and pecans, and melts them into one delicious sweet treat that’ll blow you and your taste buds away. The result is a thick, dense pie that’s topped with sweet vanilla whipped cream. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds.

Best Pies in Las Vegas Nevada

29. Apple Pie at Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery – Hanover, New Hampshire

We’re gonna start off by saying that both locals and travellers alike truly love every single item served at Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery. From international visitors to local Dartmouth College students, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t absolutely drool over the apple pie here. It’s perfectly spiced and the apples are always cooked to delightful perfection.

Best Apple Pie in America

30. Blueberry Pie at Emery’s Berry Farm – New Egypt, New Jersey

Emery’s has grown and sold berries and farm fresh baked goods to New Jerseyans 50 years. So, on top of being able to treat yourself to one of the best blueberry pies in America, you’ll be able to buy some preserves and jellies to take home with you as well. Craving something more than just blueberries? The trifecta pie comes with blueberries, peaches, and cherries all in one.

31. Coconut Cream Pie at Pie-O-Neer Pies – Pie Town, New Mexico

Frito pie is absolutely, we repeat, absolutely worth a taste if you’re visiting New Mexico. However, for the sake of the sweetness of this article, we’re going to stick with a sugary treat. Plus, it’s hard to write up a list of the best pies in America without mentioning a truly intriguing spot located in a place called Pie Town. That’s right, you’ll find Pie-I-Neer Pies in Pie Town, New Mexico. The coconut cream pie they serve has been called the “best pie in the west” for its creamy texture and full coconut flavour.

Best Pies in America

32. Almond Chess Pie at Petee’s Pie Company – New York, New York

Petee’s Pie Company is a retro diner in the heart of New York City that offers hungry guests with a sweet tooth the chance to really indulge. The worst part about visiting this hotspot is having to decide on just one slice of pie, so we suggest starting with the almond chess pie as the amaretto flavouring tastes particularly Southern American. And, the chocolate ganache and toasted almonds really add some nice contrasting textures.

Best Pies in New York City

33. Chocolate Chess Pie at The Angus Barn Restaurant – Raleigh, North Carolina

Visitors from near and far flock to The Angus Barn. As an award-winning steakhouse and one of the largest wine cellars in the country, you’d think that the dessert menu might get overlooked. However, it can often be the star of the show. Without a doubt, the chocolate chess pie here is some of the best in the entire country, if not at least in North Carolina. It’s drizzled in gooey chocolate and baked to be just the right amount of chewy.

34. Apple Pie at Deaner’s Diner – West Fargo, North Dakota

Home-cooked meals are standard fare at Deaner’s Diner in West Fargo. You can always count on friendly staff and locals, but it’s their pies that are truly impressive. And, seeing as it’s an American diner, what’s more American than sampling their fresh-baked apple pie? It’s the perfect sweet finish to a great wholesome meal.

35. Shaker Sugar Pie at The Golden Lamb – Lebanon, Ohio

The religious community of Shakers invented this pie and it’s stuck around Ohio ever since. And, even though it’s so easy to make with just two ingredients, brown sugar and half-and-half, no place serves it quite as tasty as they do at The Golden Lamb. As the oldest restaurant in Ohio, it seems that they’ve had time to truly balance out the flavours and portion sizes.

Best Pies in the Midwest

36. Peanut Butter Pie at Pie Junkie – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Let us start off by saying that Oklahoma is surprisingly filled with great pies. So, when we say that the state’s best pie is at Pie Junkie, we mean it. Locally-owned and operated, you’d think that this hot pie spot is more of a chain with the kind of quality and consistency they provide their guests with. They offer creative pies such as Orange Bourbon Pecan and Almond Joy. But, we suggest sampling the peanut butter pie first.

Best Pies in Oklahoma

37. Marionberry Pie at Sweedeedee – Portland, Oregon

Marionberries are often called the “Cabernet of blackberries” in culinary circles and seeing as they’re produced by the millions in Oregon, you’re definitely going to want to sample a taste of this tarty treat while visiting the state. Sweedeedee in Portland serves up a pretty tasty version of marionberry pie, amongst many other delectable, sweet and irresistibly delicious treats for trying.

38. Shoo-Fly Pie at The Lancaster Central Market – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Lancaster Central Market is the oldest farmers market in the entire country, so regardless of whether you indulge in some pie or not, you’re at least treating yourself to a day of historic exploring. However, the super sweet shoo-fly pie that traces its origins back to the Amish is so delightful we bet you’re going to want to treat yourself to more than a slice. It’s made with sticky molasses, so prepare for a powerful punch of sweet sugar.

39. Dutch Apple Pie at Pastiche – Providence, Rhode Island

Anything you order from Pastiche tastes outstanding. This Providence hotspot is well-known for serving fresh cakes, pies, pastries and even coffee, but their pies are particularly sweet and tantalising. Step into this indulgent European-style cafe and order their dutch apple pie. It showcases the perfect blend of sweet and tart apples, walnuts and cherries. Pair it with a pulled shot of espresso and you’ve got the perfect afternoon treat.

Best Pies in America

40. Brown Coconut Cream Pie at Millers All Day – Charleston, South Carolina

Millers All Day is a pretty unique culinary concept. A modern, trendy interior and an inventive menu ensure this place is full of hungry diners nearly every day of the week. You can enjoy everything from pie and beer to grist and biscuits. And, while we definitely suggest indulging in various savoury menu items, you’ll want to save room for the brown coconut cream pie. It’s as creamy as can be and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings.

41. Pumpkin Pie at Josiah’s Coffeehouse & Cafe – Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Locals know and love Josiah’s as one of the best cafes in South Dakota, but we’re looking to put it on the map as one of the spots with the best pies in America. Their made-from-scratch bakery items include everything from caramel rolls and breakfast pizzas to, yep, you guessed it, mouth-watering pies. They bake all of the classic American favourites, but their pumpkin pie is perfectly spiced.

42. Slap Yo Mama Pie at The Pie Folks – Cordova, Tennessee

Never heard of a “slap yo mama” pie? That’s because this is the only place in the country to serve it. And, we’re telling you that as one of the best pies in America, it’s worth a trip to Cordova just for a taste or two. The pie is fudgy, decadent, delicious and creamy. Simply put,  it’s a chocolate lover’s ultimate fantasy. And, no, you don’t have to slap your mama just to eat it, but it’s so good you just might not be able to contain yourself.

43. Chocolate Pecan Pie at the Pie in the Sky Co. – Conroe, Texas

Pecan pie is the state dessert of Texas, which makes sense given that both the state tree and state nut are pecans as well. So, prepare to head to the Lone Star State and practice ordering “pa-can” pie from a local bakery. We suggest visiting the Pie in the Sky Co. in Conroe or College Station. They know how to perfectly balance out the toasty, nutty flavours of the pecans with the decadent sweetness of the chocolate.

Best Pecan Pie in Texas

44. Cherry Pie at The Lion House Pantry – Salt Lake City, Utah

Carb-heavy is a great way to describe the elevated homestyle food you can enjoy at The Lion House Pantry. From their scrumptious rolls to their famous pies, everything here tastes straight out of a family kitchen, even though it’s served in an elegant setting. They’ve been making pies from scratch for decades, and while their assorted dessert menu changes often, you’ll want to try and catch them on a day when they’re serving cherry pie. It’s absolutely delicious.

45. Maple Cream Pie at Wayside Restaurant – Montpelier, Vermont

If you’re a real foodie then you’ll likely know that Vermont is the United States’ leading producer of maple syrup. The sticky, sweet topping is great for everything from pancakes to waffles and yes, even to be used in one of the country’s best pies. Head on down to the Wayside Restaurant to sample their tasty maple cream pie. It’s delightfully creamy and laced with some of the best maple syrup in the world.

Best Pies in America

46. Red Velvet Pie at Proper Pie Co. – Richmond, Virginia

From sweet to savoury, the Proper Pie Co. in Richmond, Virginia has got it all. Their sweet creations are pretty creative, as you’ll find unique treats here that you can’t anywhere else. Pumpkin and salted caramel, campfire, and vegan sweet potato are just a few of their tasty best-sellers. And, while we definitely recommend sampling each of their pies one by one, there’s something extra special about the red velvet pie. Come on, it’s red velvet but in pie

Red Velvet Pie in Richmond Virginia

47. Pumpkin Pie at Whidbey Pies – Greenbank, Washington

Sugar, spice and everything nice is exactly what it feels like to bite into a delicious slice of pumpkin pie at Whidbey Pies. It’s easily one of the best pies in America as the sugar and spiced goodness is topped with whipped cream to balance out all of the wonderful flavours that burst out of the crust and onto your palate. Looking for a gluten-free option? They’ve got that too!

Best Pumpkin Pie in America

48. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie at Susie’s Pies – Ranson, West Virginia

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact location of Susie’s Pies, as she bakes them straight out of her home and takes them to the Charles Town Farmers Market and the Berkeley Springs Farmers Market to sell. And, as a traveller, we think experiencing local foodie culture is all about getting as local as you can. It doesn’t get much more local than this, which is clear after biting into a slice of her delicious strawberry rhubarb pie.

Best Strawberry Rhubarb Pie in America

49. Chocolate Pecan Pie at Honeypie – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Honeypie makes their pies in small batches from scratch and focuses on using locally sourced dairy, eggs, fruits and other ingredients. So, each and every one of their treats tastes extremely fresh. And, their chocolate pecan pie is made with a scrumptious mixture of chocolate, bourbon, walnut, and pecans. Can’t get enough of the best pies in America? You can take a class to learn how to make them at home!

50. Rhubarb Pie at Cowboy Cafe – Dubois, Wyoming

It doesn’t matter what kind of rhubarb pie you try at any one of Wyoming’s locations of Cowboy Cafe.  They serve everything from strawberry rhubarb and apple rhubarb to rhubarb pies spiked with ginger and tasty blueberry. Tack on the cosy small town, true-to-heart cowboy vibes and it’s easy to see why visitors love heading here for a treat.

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