Chicken wings in Germany

The 25 Best Places To Eat Chicken Wings In Germany

We wanted to find the best chicken wings in Germany so we greedily set out to find the 25 best spots across the country that are seriously finger-licking good.

From the BBQ joints to the hot wing specialists, right through to the sports bars serving them with ice cold beer, there is something on this list for everybody.

All you have to do is grab a couple of friends and get ready for a seriously tasty meal. Time to start working your way through the best spots for chicken wings in Germany.

25th. Guten Dag Korean Fried Chicken – Berlin

These are proper Korean BBQ style wings that are so perfectly sticky, sweet, chewy and juicy all at once. Once you’ve had these you may never want to go back to another type of wing ever again.

24th. Tex Mex Santa Fe – Dresden

Feast on the flavours of South Texas at this fun spot that has a menu packed full of Tex-Mex treats. Their wings slide under the radar for many but that’s a huge mistake given their plump texture and juiciness.

23rd. Good Guys – Frankfurt

Good Guys is a popular spot where they serve up some of the most comforting food you could ever wish for. The burgers are a big hit, but for a real treat focus on the wings.

Crispy on the outside and wonderfully juicy and tender on the inside, they go perfectly alongside an ice cold beer or craft cocktail.

22nd. Chitir Chicken – Lörrach

Their wings are served in a fast casual style and best enjoyed to takeaway. You can either eat them while walking around, or find a quiet bench to sit and watch the world go by. There’s lots of different flavours, generous portions and some seriously good sauces to round the meal off.

21st. Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant – Munich

As the name suggests, this is an Irish bar, with great pints and bar bites. The wings are plump on the inside with seriously juicy meat, yet crispy and perfectly crunchy on the outside. Perfect food to wash down with a couple of cold pints of beer.

20th. Sel Kebaps – Hamburg

While doner kebabs and wraps are the main draw for this laidback kebab joint in Hamburg, their chicken wings are some of the best in Germany. The wings are slightly spicy and come with a super crispy exterior and the classic accompaniments.

19th. Jones – Munich

Jones is proper American-style diner that feels like walking back in time straight into the 1950s as soon as you step in the door.

The portions are big, the service is friendly and you will find every single type of treat you could ever wish for on the menu, including superb chicken wings.

18th. Chicken Lounge – Trier

This spot serves up fried chicken that is every bit as good as any of the originals you will find in America. Huge portions, perfectly moist wings and some great side dishes make this a seriously enjoyable place for a feast.

17th. Rock Pit – Cologne

Rock Pit is an American BBQ smoke house where the serve everything from BBQ sandwiches to meat combo platters and their tasty buffalo chicken wings.

They place huge emphasis on sourcing the very best ingredients, which is what makes the end product so finger-licking good.

16th. Chibee Korean Chicken & Beer – Berlin

They feature a trendy vibe, with a tantalising menu, and are known across the city for their Korean fried chicken. With the amount of competition among Germany’s chicken wings you can imagine just how good these crispy wings are!

15th. Arizona – Cologne

Arizona takes inspiration from Southwestern American flavours, so expect spicy and bold dishes. Stop by on Mondays for their amazing all-you-can-eat wings and ribs night. Believe us, you’ll want to eat all of these wings – they come either crunchy and dry or slathered in BBQ sauce.

Chicken wings in Germany

14th. Louisiana – Frankfurt

This is an American restaurant inspired by the flair of Louisiana, USA, with all sorts of delicious comfort food dishes on the menu. Their smoked chicken wings come with a BBQ dip and Cajun fries. Be sure to order a refreshing glass of their homemade lemonade on the side.

13th. The Bird – Berlin

A New York-style steakhouse, you can’t go to Berlin and not have a meat feast in The Bird. Everything is made from scratch in house – including sauces – and the crispy wings come with a choice of mild, hot or napalm (crazy hot) sauce.

Chicken wings in Germany

12th. Dasarang – Frankfurt

There’s plenty of choice for chicken wing fans at this small-but-mighty Korean fried chicken joint. Dig into flavours such as cheese, garlic and Asian spices. Their wings come with sauce that coats the chicken perfectly, while still maintaining that perfectly crispy and delicious skin.

11th. Chickenhouse ” Das Hähnchen-Restaurant ” – Karlsruhe

Chickenhouse is a small cosy restaurant that is dedicated to classic comfort food, serving it up in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The wings are super crispy on the outside and come with some seriously tasty sauces and dips that bring the whole meal alive.

Chicken wings in Germany

10th. Korean Chicken Kokio – Mainz

In a country where there is so much going on and so many people vying for your attention  – especially when it comes to food – these wings really do stand out. Wonderful Asian flavours, huge originality and a juicy bite to the meat that will have you drooling.

9th. Champions Bar – Frankfurt

Champions is a sports bar where they serve up some of the tastiest and most comforting food you could ever wish for. The burgers are a big hit, but for a real treat focus on the wings.

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, they go perfectly alongside an ice cold beer.

8th. Road Stop – Dortmund

Road Stop is well worth a little detour for its flavoursome BBQ-style cooking and scenic location high above the Ruhr Valley. There’s several different types of wings are on the menu and they are all utterly divine. Choose from sweet honey BBQ, smoked BBQ, a spicy ‘burns like hell’ sauce or sweet chilli.

Chicken wings in Germany

7th. 87 Barbecue & Bar – Stuttgart

This stylish restaurant and bar has some of very best wing and beer offering in the city. That means a variety of different wing sauces and dips when it comes to the food and some great craft beers to pair them up with.

From the moment you walk into this place you simply will fall in love with it.

6th. ShaWINGz – Landstuhl

Calling all chicken wing fanatics: add ShaWINGz to your ‘must-visit’ list. They have 50 amazing housemade sauces for their plump and meaty wings, so you have endless excuses to return. Creative flavours include peanut butter and jelly, spicy guacamole, orange pepper and cheddar bacon ranch.

Chicken wings in Germany

5th. ChickenBuzz – Berlin, Germany

Head to this super trendy spot in Berlin where they are masters of creating a great vibe and pay homage to all things chicken.

The portions are all bit sized, so you can order several dishes to taste between friends. The perfect communal way to eat and a great place to come for wings before a night out.

Chicken wings in Germany

4th. Chillers Burger & Wings – Wiesbaden

You will need a serious appetite for a meal at Chillers, as the portions are on the large size. The wings come with sticky sweet glaze that covers the wings to perfection and which will require plenty of napkins and lip licking.

Chicken wings in Germany

3rd. Angry Chicken – Berlin, Germany

They serve up chicken wings with various marinades, burgers, bibimbap and other Korean Street food in this hip eatery.

It is all served in a tiny spot in Kreuzberg, which looks like a neon coloured comic. Their wings are quite simply some of the juiciest and tastiest you will ever get your teeth stuck into.

Chicken wings in Germany

2nd. Champions – Frankfurt

Champions  is your ultimate destination when it comes to cocktails and sports. Enjoy drinks, feast on an all-American menu and watch the big games on some of the largest TVs in town.

They serve cold beer and perfect chicken wings which are covered in melted cheese for that extra bit of luxury. *drools*

Chicken wings in Germany

1. Juleps – Munich

This bar has been modelled on 1920s prohibition America in a speakeasy style and it is a wonderful place to spend time. As well as some great cocktails made by seriously knowledgeable staff, their food offering is something quite special.

The wings are fried until perfectly crispy and then tossed in their delicious sweet and spicy sauce to perfection.

Chicken wings in Germany

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