Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Florida

The 25 Best Puerto Rican Restaurants In America

From traditional Puerto Rican empanadas and tostones to the ever-classic national dish of arroz con gandules, the best Puerto Rican restaurants in America showcase all of the flavourful favourites you’d expect to see wandering the streets of San Juan.

There’s nothing not to love about Puerto Rican food. When cooked right, it’s perfectly well-seasoned and features lots of bold flavours at the forefront of each dish. Delightful ingredients range from plantains and salt-cured pork to tasty, tantalising sweets.

If you’re not drooling yet, then you’re about to. Visit any one of the 25 best Puerto Rican restaurants in America for an enlightening and flavorful culinary experience.

Best Puerto Rican Restaurants In AmericaHow do these rankings work?

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25th. Pal Campo – Orlando, Florida

You’re going to want to start your wonderful tour of Puerto Rican flavours and restaurants in America at Pal Campo in Orlando. More than a mere restaurant, dining here is a bit of an experience. Enjoy all of your favourite traditional Puerto Rican dishes that they craft to the utmost perfection. There’s a reason why this place has been named the Best Puerto Rican Restaurant in Central Florida for years.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in America

24th. Señor Juan – Houston, Texas

A Puerto Rican restaurant on wheels? Get to rollin’ and make your way to Señor Frogs, one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in Houston, if not all of Texas. Take your taste buds on a journey through San Juan and beyond as you delight in truly authentic flavours. Start with the empanadas. Then, make your way through the entire rest of the menu. Everything here is worth a try.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Houston

23rd. Dolce Pan Bakery – Huntsville, Alabama

It’s hard to find a traditional Puerto Rican restaurant and bakery more authentic and charming than Dolce Pan Bakery. Tucked away in Huntsville, Alabama, this might not be where you’d expect to find quality Latin food, but they sure to deliver. From Puerto Rican-style sandwiches and street food to delectable sweets, everything here is bursting with flavour and served with style.

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Best Puerto Rican Food in the US

22nd. Chago’s Caribbean Cuisine – Austin, Texas

Chago’s was one of the restaurants responsible for introducing Austin locals to the Puerto Rican food scene. Chago and his wife Solemar run the place, and they do with energy, passion, and love. And, it’s evident that they infuse that same kind of passion and love into every dish they cook. The chef’s specialty is a pernil asado, so you can’t visit Chago’s and not try the dish.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Austin

21st. Phoenix Coqui – Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix’s first authentic Puerto Rican food truck is slinging their signature dishes like nobody’s business. Authentic flavours run over and through every plate they serve here, and it’s all due to the hard work and passion of the family behind the truck. Simply put, they bring the flavour and fun from Puerto Rico and cook it into the food they so lovingly serve locals and visitors.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Arizona

20th. La Perla – Oakland, California

Puerto Rican empanadas overflow at La Perla, one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in America. If you’re looking for authenticity, then you’ve just found it. Spending an afternoon devouring everything on the menu here is easy to do. From the Chuleta Kan Kan to their golden, crispy empanadas, it’s all filled with flavour. Simply put, you’re going to want seconds, for sure.

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Puerto Rican Empanadas in California

19th. Guavate – Orlando, Florida

At Guavate you can expect to enjoy home-style Puerto Rican cuisine all with a side of Latin flare. They whip up some of the best traditional dishes here. So, whether you’re trying the Arroz con Pollo, Tostones, Pernil, or their popular Mofongo, you know you’re sampling true tastes straight from Puerto Rico. And, if you’ve got the stomach for it, make sure to try one of their desserts.

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Puerto Rico Food in Orlando

18th. La Isla Cuisine – Seattle, Washington

So, there’s a lot going on at La Isla Cuisine, and it’s all very, very delicious. While they use only fresh, natural ingredients to craft their homemade recipes straight from the island, their menu also includes Puerto Rican food with a Northwestern twist. And, to top it all off, you can indulge in one of their over 60 different specialty rums to choose from. Bottoms up! They all pair perfectly with pretty much anything on the menu.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Seattle

17th. Tex-Chick – Houston, Texas

Tucked away on an unassuming side street in Houston, Tex-Chick serves high-quality Puerto Rican cuisine in a laidback setting. The owners and the staff are always extremely friendly, and their Mofongo is some of the best you’ll try in the entire United States. Authentic flavours, vibes, and dishes work to create a unique experience at Tex-Chick, every time you visit.

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Best Puerto Rico Restaurants in Houston

16th. Vejigantes Restaurant – Boston, Massachusetts

The owners of this restaurant note that dining here is a culinary experience inspired by Puerto Rican cuisine. The experience, which highlights the island’s rich culture, passion, and even ingredients, is all fueled by the restaurant’s main dishes. They’ve mastered the art of putting a fine-dining spin on traditional Puerto Rican flavours. And, the result is something you simply have to taste for yourself.

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Puerto Rican Sancocho

15th. El Lechon de Negron – Union Township, New Jersey

If you’re after authentic Puerto Rican pig roast, there’s no better place to get your fill than at El Lechon de Negron in New Jersey. Their Pernil is delicious, for instance, but their Chuletas Fritas are equally as divine. Our best tip is to head here extremely hungry and try to eat your way through as many menu items as possible.

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14th. La Marginal – San Antonio, Texas

La Marginal is a casual dining restaurant serving quality, authentic Puerto Rican cuisine and warm hospitality. First, you’ll likely notice the stunning Old San Juan decor of the restaurant. Then, you’ll be invited to experience the tastes of Puerto Rico. From fresh mofongos to tasty roasted pork, the flavours here are delightful and delicious.

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Puerto Rico Restaurants in San Antonio

13th. Metropol Restaurant – Miami, Florida

Metropol Restaurant was actually founded in San Juan back in 1965. The original concept combined the ideas of good service at good prices, a family ambience, and excellent Puerto Rican food to create one of the most popular restaurants on the island. Now, they serve hungry guests all over the world, but their Miami location is truly top-notch.

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Delicious Puerto Rican Food in Miami

12th. La Bomba – Chicago, Illinois

There’s nothing at La Bamba that’s not downright delicious. Beginning with the mouthwatering lechon, morcilla, and alcaprrias and straight through to the famous Arroz con Gandules, everything here is cooked to perfection. And, it’s served with just the right balance of flavour and tradition. If you find yourself out and about and craving La Bomba, look for their twenty-eight food trailer around town.

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Chicago Puerto Rican Restaurants

11th. El Palmar Restaurant – Elizabeth, New Jersey

For traditional Puerto Rican food in New Jersey, head to El Palmar Restaurant. While they’ve been serving quality Cuban food since the 1970s, they added Puerto Rican dishes to their menu a while back. Sample any one of their sandwiches, sides, and main dishes to experience authentic flavours that taste as if they’ve just come straight from the island.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in America

10th.  Casa Borinquen – Hollywood, Florida

Explore the tastes of Puerto Rico by spending the afternoon dining at Casa Borinquen in Flordia. Here, you’ll be able to sample a variety of dishes from all over the country, ranging from Chuleta Kan Kan and Mofongo to Arroz Con Gandules. While flavourful food is standard,  service is always top-notch as well. The only thing missing is a little merengue and a glass of Don Q.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Florida

9th. Millie’s Cafe – Mesa, Arizona

This unassuming diner churns out high-quality, mouthwatering traditional Puerto Rican standards on a daily basis. Head to Millie’s Cafe if you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in all of the flavours and dishes of Puerto Rican cuisine. From their Caribbean-inspired sandwiches to the various different ways they cook plantains, there’s nothing here that’s not a true delight.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Arizona

8th. Ay Bendito Con Sabor a Puerto Rico – Miami, Florida

Flavourful food and a family looking to spread their unique culture across Miami make Ay Bendito one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in America. However, restaurant might not be the correct term to use. At Ay Bendito Con Sabor a Puerto Rico, you can enjoy authentic Puerto Rican food on wheels. They’ve mastered the execution of their family recipes and manage to cook it all with the flavour of Puerto Rico inside.

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7th. Ponce Restaurant – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s best Puerto Rican restaurant is also one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in America. This family-owned business has been serving authentic food to residents of Chicago for over 15 years now, which means that they’re experts at delivering dishes packed with flavour and authenticity. Try their famous Pollo Guisado con Arroz y Gandules. You won’t regret it.

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6th. Mofongos – North Hollywood, California

Fancy experiencing a bit of Puerto Rican food, music, and tradition while you’re in Southern California? Head to Mofongos. First, you’ll be welcomed by a wonderful atmosphere that oozes charm and culture. Then, you’ll tantalise your tastebuds as you indulge in a unique blend of native Taino, Spanish, and African cuisine that defines Puerto Rican cuisine.

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Puerto Rican Food in Los Angeles

5th. LaLa’s Puerto Rican Kitchen – Old Bridge, New Jersey

At LaLa’s Puerto Rican Kitchen, expect to enjoy a taste of true Puerto Rico. While dishes are prepared using only the finest ingredients, it seems to be the passion behind the scenes that adds so much unique flavour. The most popular dish here is the Pernil served over their traditional Arroz con Gandules. But, make sure you head here hungry, as there’s no way you’re going to be able to resist ordering seconds.

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4th. Adobo Puerto Rican Cafe – Dallas, Texas

From Austin to Houston and all the way up to Dallas, the Lone Star State is filled with little restaurants oozing of Puerto Rican flavours and rhythm. For example, Adobo has long been serving quality food to Dallas locals. The Martinez family moved from Puerto Rico to Texas in 2010 and brought their family recipes with them. The result? Mouthwatering food that’s full of passion.

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Where to Eat Puerto Rican Food in Dallas

3rd. Isla del Encanto – Miami, Florida

Serving pasteles, mofongo and other classic Puerto Rican dishes to hungry locals and visitors alike, this is one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in America. So, if you’re looking for the perfect mix of balanced flavours and authentic vibes., try Isla del Encanto. While the space itself is charming and quaint, it’s the perfectly-prepared meals that delight. With a chef from Lares, Puerto Rico, it doesn’t get much more authentic than this.

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2nd. Sol Food – San Rafael, California

This Michelin Guide restaurant has been wowing visitors for years. Featuring truly authentic flavours and a line of festive diners out the door, Sol Food serves more than just quality Puerto Rican dishes. Whether you’re indulging in the arroz con pollo and pernil or are opting for stuffed taro, everything here is bursting with flavour. Simply put, dining here feels like entering a quaint restaurant on the streets of San Juan.

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1st. Made in Puerto Rico – Bronx, New York

While ranking the best Puerto Rican restaurant in America is pretty difficult, Made in Puerto Rico certainly earns the top spot. They’re famous for blending modern Latin cuisine with traditional spices in a way that truly highlights all of Puerto Rico’s amazing flavours. Savour all of the traditional Puerto Rican dishes you love along with their famous signature dishes and cocktails.

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