Best Puerto Rican Restaurants In Chicago

The 7 Best Puerto Rican Restaurants In Chicago

From traditional Puerto Rican empanadas and tostones to the ever-classic national dish of arroz con gandules, the best Puerto Rican restaurants in Chicago showcase all of the flavourful favourites you’d expect to see wandering the streets of San Juan.

If you’re not drooling yet, then you’re about to. Visit any one of the seven best Puerto Rican restaurants in Chicago for an enlightening and flavorful culinary experience. The only difficult choice here will be deciding what to order first…

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1. Ponce Restaurant

Chicago’s best Puerto Rican restaurant is also one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in America. This family-owned business has been serving authentic food to residents of Chicago for over 15 years now, which means that they’re experts at delivering dishes packed with flavour and authenticity. Try their famous Pollo Guisado con Arroz y Gandules. You won’t regret it.

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Best Puerto Rican Restaurants In Chicago

2. La Bomba

There’s nothing at La Bamba that’s not downright delicious. First, you’ll want to start with the mouthwatering lechon, morcilla, and alcaprrias. Then, you’ll have to sample the famous Arroz con Gandules, everything here is tastes like perfection. And, they serve it with just the right balance of flavour and tradition.

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Chicago Puerto Rican Restaurants

3. La Bruquena

This family-owned Puerto Rican restaurant in Chicago has been serving the neighbourhood for over 65 years. So, they’ve been local staple in the community for quite a while. Authenticity runs through all of the dishes they prepare here, which are full of just as much passion as they are flavour. Make sure to stop by and warm up with their famous asopao. Simply put, it’s unforgettable.

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Chicago Puerto Rican Food

4. The Jibarito Stop

Two local entrepreneurs quit their corporate jobs to pursue their passion for creating The Jibarito Stop, one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in Chicago. This food truck turned restaurant serves everything from pastries to empanadas, but it’s their jibaritos that they’re famous for. Smashed plantains, garlic mayonnaise, and perfectly prepared meat? Yes, please!

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Best Jibaritos in Chicago

5. Papa’s Cache Sabroso

Cache Sabroso has been serving hungry Chicagoans for decades. However, their roots began as a small family-owned restaurant in Puerto Rico. Now, they serve hot Puerto Rican dishes out of Humboldt Park. However, their specialty is their famous Pollo Chon, which features rotisserie chicken that’s marinated in a delectable secret sauce.

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6. Cocina Boricua

At Cocina Boricua, you’ll enjoy perfectly crunchy jibaritos and some of the most delicious Pollo Encebollado you’ve ever tasted. They work hard to perfectly craft each dish, as all of them are overflowing with authentic flavours. After the first bite, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported straight to the streets of Puerto Rico, or back to your grandmother’s kitchen.

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7. Las Delicias de Puerto Rico

We’ve saved one of the bests for last because anybody who loves Puerto Rican food knows that Las Delicias de Puerto Rico is one of the best spots for it in Chicago. From street snacks such as empanadas and papas rellenas straight through to their famous sandwiches, this is the place to go if you’re craving an authentic experience bursting with flavour.

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